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August 19, 2016
Oroville Mercury
January 27, 1953
Fighting Slows As Commanders Make Check
- Ups SEQUL (UP) - Four rampaging Allied Sabre jets tangled with 20 Communist MIG-15s today 20 miles south of the Suiho reservoir on the Manchurian border and damaged two of the Red jets. On the ground, the war slacked to a near stop. Only scattered patrol actions and light Communist p robes were reported along the front last night. In another air action, Japan- based B-29 Superforts dropped 120 tons of bombs on two Red targets. Th Navy revealed that the battleship Missouri had been in action. Monday the “Big Mo,” finished a 46 hour bombardment of Red targets in the Songjin area on the east coast, 160 miles north of the 38th Parallel. U.s. Army Chief of Staff Gen. J. Lawton Collins got a first hand look at the South Korean Army today and reported he was “impressed” with its improvement. UN Commander Gene. Mark W. Clark and outgoing Eighth Army Commander Gen. James A. Van Fleet ,made a rapid tour of forward divisions with the chief of staff. It included conferences with ROK officers. “I have been impressed with two things up to now,” Collins said. “One is the improvement in the ROK army. The other is the improvement in the Allied road network.” In his tour of the front, hopping from headquarters to headquarters by light plane, Collins paid particular attention to ROK units which presently hold almost two-thirds of the front. Collins did not go below division headquarters level and seemed primarily interested in conferences with various commanders.

Oroville Mercury
March 14, 1953
McCarthy, Ike Battle Looms Over Bohlen

Washington (UP)- A first class showdown between President Eisenhower and Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy seemed inevitable today if the administration press the nomination of Charles E. Bohlen as Ambassador to Russia. McCarthy, it was disclosed, actively fight the appointment grounds that Bohlen was “ near the heart of the Acheson group” in the State Department. If the Senate turns down the appointment it would be a serious blow to the President’s foreign policy leadership, especially since most of the opposition to the career diplomat centers in Mr. Eisenhower’s own party.

Bohlen to Testify
Bohlen is expected to testify Tuesday for a second time for the Senate Foreign Relations committee, Sen. H. Aleander Smith (R-N. J.) said the Russian expert will be asked to “clear up” an entry in the Forrestal diaries which quoted former. Undersecretary of State Joseph C. Grew to the effect that Bohlen was among those who opposed ending the war against Japan before Russia’s entrance.

Other developments
 Leave payments: Sen. Frank Carlson (R-Kans.) introduced a bill to bar retiring government officials from making “further raids on the treasury” for unused leaves. Out going officials of the Truman administration have been under fire for collecting $709,538 in leave parents.

Voice of America Voice: Sen. Karl E. Mundt (R-S. D.) said he is confident the State Department will stop the Voice of America from violating the law by using broadcasters who have not been checked for security. He said he was calling the “clear violation” to the attention of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles.

Un-American: Sen. Paul Douglas (D-Ill.) has assured House investigators his divorced wife, Dorothy, was “not a Communist” before their separation 26 years ago. Mrs. Douglas yesterday refused to tell the House Un-American Activities committee investigating Reds in education whether she ever was a Communist.

Color T-V: The House Commerce Committee is planning to open hearings beginning probably late net month on why the public isn’t getting color television more quickly.