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Oroville Guards

1st Brigade California Organized 6th Division Militia
July 8,1861

Captain A. H. Connelly
2nd Lieutenant D. C. Burlingame 1st Lieutenant H. B. Hunt
Surgeon William Wilson M. D BV’T 2nd Lieutentant C. C. Moore
Non Commissioned Officers
Ord. Sgt J. H. Simmons Qr. M. Sgt. J. J. Collins
2nd Sgt. W. O. Middleton 3rd Sgt.  J. J. Smith
4th Sgt .J. Bougher 2nd Corp  J. Foster
1st Corp. S.S. Sample 3rd Corp. T. H. Harris
4th Corp. J. J. Buckius  
E. B. Hendee Jno. Cassaday
E. Henrie E. Henrie
J. E. M. Conagle D. M. Bishop
W. W. Hobert S. Rosenbaum
Harmen Bay Wm. Forney
W. O. Middleton J. Markel
B. Bracket H. Stevenson
J. M. Chubbuck Joseph Bloch
J. E. N. Lewis P. Schriber
J. B. M. Smith J. U. Parks
Thos. Wells G. C. Perkins
N. A. Beeves Jno. J. Smith
C. W. Taylor Ira Proctor
Cco. H. Hopps M. H. Darrach
J. Cantrel S. Hedges
J. P. Norton M. Reymar
W. B. Lathrop W.W. Monroe
W. B Spencer J. M. Eveleth
T. H. Harris Thos. Gallow
J. B. Barker A. K. Hall
J. W. Dunbar B. F. Jones
Geo. W. Dyer A. G. Simpson
Sr. P. Freer T. W. Lautard
N. Goldstein F. Moulter
J. A. Wardwell T. J. Jenkins
H. P. Downer H. B. Lathrop, Jr.

This group of men served during the Civil War in the Arizona Territory. Their assignment was to establish a military presence in the Arizona Territory to discourage Texas invaders from taking the western territories. Nothing else is known of these men.

Interesting notes:

  • Is Downer Street in Oroville, perhaps related to Private. H. P. Downer?

  • Could it be that the Bloch Funeral Home in Gridley was established by someone in Private Joseph Bloch's family?

  • Is Private Jno. Cassaday related to the family of the same name in Gridley?

This list is courtesy of the Pioneer Museum on Montgomery St. in Oroville.