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Chico P-38

P-38 readied for flight at Chico Airdrome
December 1, 1944
(Photo provided by Aviation Archaeology Investigation & Research)

The Chico Army Airdrome trained Army Air Corps pilots to fly the P- 38 & P-39 during World War II.

Airport Site
The Chico Airdrome is now the Chico Municipal Airport, located 2 1/2 miles (4km) north-east of Chico on Cohasset Road.

Airdrome Fatalities out of Chico

Date Aircraft Name Crash Location
26SEP41 AT-6A Driscoll, John 10 mi NE of Chico, CA
12OCT42 BT-13    
1JUN42   Pristavec, Ernest J Burns from explosion
5OCT42   Vanskaitis, Frank E Accute heart ailment
4DEC42   Gold, Murry Parachute failure
22MAR43 BT-13A Wool, Frederick G Into Sacramento River, 4 Mi SE Red Bluff Arpt
22MAR43 BT-13A Rose, Orville, Jr. Into Sacramento River, 4 Mi SE Red Bluff Arpt
7MAY43 BT-13 Knautz, Richard L 6 Mi S Hamilton City, CA
7MAY43 BT-13 Gilbert, Herman, Jr. 6 Mi S Hamilton City, CA
6JUL43 Godbold, William B Heat stroke
27JUL43 BT-13A Meeks, Kenneth W 52 Mi E Aux Field No 2, CA
5SEP43   Owocki, Stanley Died on furlough
16SEP43 BT-13A Brewer, Charlie W 5 Mi SW Chico, CA
5DEC43 BT-13A Nordale, Arnold M Aux Field No 3, CAAF
8DEC1943 BT-13A McLaughlin, Richard S. 2 mi SW Hamilton City
17DEC43 BT-13 Harter, Linus H Jr Aux Field No 1, CAAF, Chico, CA
7JAN44 BT-13A Garner, Bill G 5 1/2 Mi NE Willows, CA
25FEB44 BT-13 Richey, Willis J 1/2 Mi N Chico AAF Aux 3, Vina, CA
23APR44 P-39Q Chapman, Ernest A 35 Mi NW Cheyenne, WY
23APR44 P-39Q Jenkins, Richard H Jr 35 Mi NW Cheyenne, WY
15MAY44 P-39Q Moen, Merland E Last seen between Farallones & Pescadero,CA
22MAY44 P-63A Meyer, Marx E 1 mi NW of Chico AAF, CA
9JUN44 P-63A Laham, Edward W 1 mi E of Nelson, CA
19JUN44 P-63A Claflin, Ralph B, Jr 2mi N of Chico AAF, Chico, CA
8JUL44 P-63A Wilson, Meurnice S 12 mi SW of Corning, CA
17JUL44 P-63A Madison, Wallace D 1 mi W of Chico AAF, CA
7AUG44 P-63A Oetgen, John 2 mi W of Sutter, CA
1SEP44 P-38L Morel, Leo, L, Jr 1 mi E of Orland, CA
23OCT44 P-38L Bryan, Walter T 1 mi W of Chico AAF, CA
15NOV44 P-38G Towry, Charles R Jr 10M NW Chico, CA
7DEC44   Petro, Charles Propeller accident, Hayward AAF, CA
8DEC44 P-38L Baurain, Allan 2.5M WSW Hayward, CA
8DEC44 P-38L Duke, Btron K Jr 2M W Princeton, CA
1JAN45 P-38L Orzel, Stanley Jr Fire in flight. Crashed 3 mi. west of Chico
19FEB45 P-38L Morgan, Earl A 22M NW Barstow, CA
19FEB45 P-38L Mogensen, Walter E 22M NW Barstow, CA
19MAR45 P-38L Hines, William E Jr 3M E Durham, CA
21MAR45 P-38L Habig, Charles J 5M SW Red Bluff, CA
24MAR45 P-38L Knecht, John F 10M ESE Marysville, CA
26APR45 PT-13B Standridge, Howard C 10M NE Folsom, CA
26APR45 PT-13B Garmong, Charles M 10M NE Folsom, CA
28JUL45 BT-13B Stewart, John L Crashed on take-off, Chico AAF
6NOV45 B-29 Evans, Robert M 12M NE Chico, CA
6NOV45 B-29 Moffett, Charles S 12M NE Chico, CA
6NOV45 B-29 Powell, Wayne B 12M NE Chico, CA

Crash data provided by Aviation Archaeology Investigation & Research