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Chico Light Infantry

Location: Chico, Butte County, CA

Organized 28 Nov 1863

Disbanded 27 Jul 1866




CPT Joseph Eddy
1st Lt James H. Frost 1st Lt Edward Hallet
SR 2nd Lt George D. Bush 2nd Lt Charles L. Stilson
Jr 2nd Lt Monroe Bidwell 3rd Lt Andrew J. Hassinger
3rd Lt Israel Hull  
Non-Commissioned Officers
1st Sgt William O. Miller 1st Sgt Levi Hammel
1st Sgt James Nash 1st Sgt Henry Sunderlin
2nd Sgt Arent W. Keis 2nd Sgt George H. Cole
2nd Sgt William Thorp 3rd Sgt Oliver W. Catlin
3rd Sgt Smith F. Hood 4th Sgt Albert B. Butler
5th Sgt John Moore 1st Cpl Richard P. White
2nd Cpl James O. Gibbs 3rd Cpl Frank A. Done
4th Cpl John J. Monk  


Allen, Albert Allen, Reuben H.
Barber, Alex H. Barber, John A.
Bay, Harmon Bidwell, Gilroy L.
Bidwell, Thomas J. Birdsall, Frank
Boyes, William G. Boyes, Sam G.
Bruce, John Butler, Albert B.
Butterfield, George Carey, Samuel A.
Chaney, Henry Chaney, Salathiel
Chapman, August H. Chapman, Augustus A.
Clement, John Crey, Charles
DeForest, George Divelbess, Benjamin A.
Doliver, Alonzo Done, Frank H.
Doty, Charles J. Eddy, Robert D.
Ellsworth, Daniel Faulkner, Robert
Finch, William R. Frost, George
Frost, Henry Greely, Charles W.
Hall, Cyrus  
Hardesty, Garrett Hareus, Wickham F.
Houghton, Richard Hume, James
Hunt, Timouthy Johnson, James M.
Jones, Henry Kelley, Joseph
Kempf, John Lee, Willard M.
Loy, Martin Manderville, John C.
Mansfield, John Meacham, John D.
Meiller, William O. Miller, Elijah P.
Moak, Simeon More, John
Morris, Thomas C. (Drummer) McLenan, Wiliam F.
McLiman, William P. Nash, James M.
Newhouse, Samuel L. Nolan, Francis
Nolan, Frank Overton, Henry C.
Parrey, James S. Peck, George
Perry, James S. Peterson, Charles A.
Pond, Charles L. Reavis, David M.
Reihl, Thomas J. Romeo, Anthony
Rose, Ephraim Silsby, William H.
Sutherland, Daniel Tharp, William M.
Thomas, Henry S. Thomaston, Nathan H.
Thompson, Vincent Trimble, John
Utler, Addison G Vassar, Joseph
Wetherbee, Ira A. Wood, James
Young, Alexander  

©2009, Compiled by Kimberly Johnston-Dodds from the following sources: ROOT CELLAR, Sacramento Genealogical Society, California State Militia: Index to the Muster Rolls of 1851 to 1866 (Sacramento: The Society, 1999), Vols. 1 – 4; National Guard of California, 1849-1880 (Part 2), Compiled with the Assistance of the Work Projects Administration from Records in the Adjutant General's Office of California and the California State Library, (Sacramento, 1940), Transcribed by: Bill Edmiston 2012