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Events Photos

Wildflower Event at Riverbend Park
April 4, 2015

Booth Group
James Townsend, Marianne
Aleck, Mike Shields, Ron Scharbor,
Stu Shaner
Marianne & Stu at Wildflower Event
Marianne Aleck & Stu Shaner
with sample memorial tiles for
OVMPC Banner at Wildflower Event
Banner at Wildflower Event
Tile Dissplay at Wildflower Event
List of Memorial Tiles already
donated for wall.
  Joanne Townsend & Vanessa Vasconsuelos (Action News Now) at Wildflower Event 
Joann Townsend & Vanessa Vasconselos
(see Action News Now report)

Wine Tasting at Table Mountain Golf Course Club House

April 17, 2015
Stu Bill & Ron at Wine Tasting
Stu Shaner, Bill Connelly, Ron Scharbor
Marianne with raffle winner
Drawing Prize Winner with Marianne Aleck
Stu at Tile Display
Stu Shaner with the Memorial Tile display
Wine & Cheese Bar
Wine and Cheese Bar with Mike Garrow from Grocery Outlet in his flag shirt
Raffle Prizes
Drawing Prizes
Guests Inside
Wine Tasting Guests
Guests Outside
Wine Tasting Guests
Daryl & Sherrill
Daryl Autrey & Sharyl Backues
  Restored 1941 Chevy Army Sedan 
1941 Chevrolet Marine Sedan

Feather Fiesta Days 2015
May 9, 2015
Feather Fiesta Days Ron & Marianne
Ron Scharbor & Marianne Aleck at Memorial booth
Feather Fiesta Days Stu
Stu Shaner at Memorial booth
Feather Fiesta Days tile list
Memorial Tile List display

Oroville Airport Fly-In
May 16, 2015
Fly-In 2015
Bill Connely & Stu Shanner at Fly-in