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July 8, 2016
Continued from last week:
These were orders given to me by Bill Grogan:
“This is a copy of My Dad’s Orders. He was a Coxwain, Drove a Landing Boat.
The Dade was a troop ship” Weather We will be operating in a generally cooler climate with a mean temperature of 72 degrees. Fall is one of the two rainy seasons of the year and there has been rain, or traces of rain, on 17 days in the month of September for a 10 year period. While September is the rainiest month it has the steadiest and most dependable weather. There is an average of 10 inches of rain during the month and four days in which there is fog. Souvenir Hunting, Looting and Pillaging There is a strong possibility that the vessels of this command will discharge troops while at a dock. Movement ashore will be greatly restricted by the military authorities but the opportunities for souvenir hunting may be greater than during the beach head type of operation. All hands are reminded that all captured documents and material of whatever nature are the property of the United States Government and will not be put to personal use. The Intelligence Officers assigned to the flagships of the Transport Squadron and the Transport Divisions will examine souvenirs and will properly stamp and return to the individual those having no intelligence value. Articles having intelligence value will be forwarded, through proper channels for evaluation. Captured documents having operational value should be turned over without delay, particularly those books and pamphlets having a red border or cover. Personnel must realize that souvenir hunting has become dangerous. While it is not probable that there will be any concerted action against our forces, booby trapping of souvenirs by vengeful individuals is highly possible and the careless individual is liable to become a casualty. Looting and pillaging are punishable by military law. This cannot be too strongly stressed. Conduct Ashore The Japanese are a beaten enemy and part of the huge educational program to be carried on by our forces will be expressed in the attitude of our personnel ashore. The Japanese have been an outlaw among nations and this fact will have to be impressed on them. The most important part naval personnel can play in this is complete non-fraternization. Any deviation from this will only encourage the Japanese in a “so sorry, please” policy. Do your job, stay on it and leave the social work for others. Food and Water This is the enemy’s country. Food and water found ashore are not to be used for sustenance. In many cases both may be contaminated. All food consumed on the beach should be brought ashore and all water must be decontaminated before use. Situ’s Notes; This concludes the Orders. I hope you found it interesting. We had a good week we increase our family by one sweet little baby boy, Vonnegut our newest grandson.