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May 27, 2016
Oroville Mercury Register
June 6, 1945
More from In The Fight
Elkins Back From War Zone

Marine Corporal Carl W. Elkins, 20,son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Elkins, of Oroville, recently returned from the Pacific and is now at the Marine Air Depot, Miramar, Cal., waiting furlough and reassignment. A transportation man with a Marine Air Wing Fighter squadron, he was based in the Solomon and Philippine Islands. He was employed by Western Pacific Railroad Company prior to enlisting in the Marines in December, 1942.

Lt. Williams Crows Vegetables While He Earns Air Medals
Since his departure from the states on Christmas Day, 1944, Lt. Charles Floyd Williams, son of Mrs. John Coggan of Canyon Highlands has acquired “a couple of Air Medals” (no details given in his letter), and the patches of the India-Burma, China and Philippines theatres, and has been promoted to a 1st Lieut. on May 10. From a base in the Philippines, the 20-year old officer wrote his family that he had been in on the Borneo landing which American air forces covered “while the Aussies got their planes down” and that the landing had been “quite some show.” Now a squadron leader with eight flights under him, Lt. Williams said that there were very few experienced fliers left in his squadron, the 67th of the 13th Air Force. Reporting on the progress of the vegetable seeds his mother had sent him, William said that he had planted them a week before and already they were over three inches tall. “Things certainly grow fast over here. I hope they’re not all tops,” he wrote. Mrs. Coggan said her last conversation with her son had been a telephone call from San Francisco on Christmas Eve. The men in William’s outfit were feeling rather low about leaving at such a time, but Christmas day was brighter than they expected, with Christmas dinner in Honolulu.

Oroville Mercury
Register June 6, 1945
Richvale News

Connie Wangberg arrived home recently from Chicago for summer vacation. She has been taking nurses training there.

Mae and Verna Bolster arrived home Sunday from Chicago to spend the summer vacation. They have been attending the Free Church School There.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wangberg received a message recently that their son, Lowell Wangberg had been hospitalized with a shrapnel wound in his arm.

Lieut Roy Grell arrived Friday from Brooklyn, New York, where he is stationed with the navy, to visit his mother, Emma Grell and his brother, Laurence. He flew by navy plane to Oakland and was met by his people at Sacramento. He will return Wednesday by the same route by which he came. Grell was at sea in the Atlantic recently when his father passed and was unable to attend his funeral services.

Stu’s Notes:
Memorial Day Monday, May 30, 2016. Memorial Day Services will begin at 11:00am at Oroville Memorial Park Cemetery on Lincoln Blvd. Tolling of the Bell for Departed Veterans and Wreath Ceremony will be on the Old Green Bridge at 1:15pm. The Am Vets Post # 1774 is sponsoring a BBQ at the Veterans Memorial Hall at 12 noon. Donations; $7 Adults, $3 for children under 10. For more information call Jack at 534-1940 or Roy at 589-7958. Hope to see you all there!