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January 15, 2016
More from 1942-43 Scrapbook
Brothers In Service with Marines

Naval Reserve Private First Class LeRoy (Roy) Moore, United States Marine, is now with a parachute battalion, somewhere in the South Pacific. He has been in the service 8 months having enlisted as a Marine on August 31, 1942. He received his training in San Diego, graduating from Paratroop Training School in December, 1942. Soon after his graduation he left for over seas. He writes that he looks forward to his “jumps”, that he has gained ten pounds and is working hard.

Pvt. Moore, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Moor of Park Avenue graduated from the local high school in June of 1940. He was employed by the Western Pacific prior to enlisting. Lorin D. Moore, Mate 3rd Class United States Naval Reserve was recently home on a five day furlough after three months training at Norfolk, Virginia. He has returned to the West Coast where he expects to continue his advanced training Lorin Moore is the son of Mrs. L. A. Moore of Park Avenue. He was employed in San Francisco prior to enlisting in January, 1943. The two brothers, PFC LeRoy Moore, U. S. Marines and Lorin Moore, United States Naval Reserve have not seen each other since their enlistments. Lorin Moore, Mate 3rd Class, states that he is glad to return to California, just to get a chance to “warm up.” (Stu- Sad he didn’t do his flight training at Oroville. Oroville has been bone chilling cold for November, December and now January.)

Day Has Meal Better Than In White House
Pfc. Gillis Day of the 88th Ranger Division of the Infantry, in a letter to relatives here, tells of an interesting experience he had recently at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma, where he is stationed. He writes that President Roosevelt was present at the camp for a regimental review and that following the review the President ate with the men and said that the meal was “better than in the White House.” Day is the son of Mrs. Lucy McCallum and the brother of Mrs. Willard Zent, both of Oroville. He entered the Army in December of last year and was made a private first class in March. He recently had a 10 day leave and spent two days here. He said that he likes the army life. Day is a graduate of the local elementary and high schools. While at high school he was prominent in football and was a member of the cadet corps. He also attended cadet camp during the summers. Prior to his entry into the Army, he was employed as a clerk in the baggage department of the Western Pacific Railroad.
(Stu- A lot of people working for the rail road in Oroville carrying the Day name. My life long friend, George Day and Brother Bill were Western Pacific RR men. Geroge’s dad was killed in that first tunnel.)

Thomas Dalton Applies For Paratroop Training
Thomas Dalton, Jr., formerly a student at the Oroville High School was inducted into the army recently. He was sent to Camp Ord. Dalton, who was a senior at Oroville high school, had been working in the shipyards at Richmond for two months before his induction. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dalton, Sr. of High Street. He has applied for service with the paratroopers. McDonnell Advanced At Basic Air School Majors Field- Aviation Cadet Michael C. McDonnell son of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McDonnell, Montgomery Street Oroville, has been graduated to the upper class of flying students here at Texas’ newest basic flying school, Greenville. A former student at San Jose State College Cadet McDonnell received his appointments as an aviation cadet last December and entered primary flight training last February.

Stu’s Notes:
Try and stay warm if this year goes well I have 50 more of these article to do in 2016. Thank you , My Lynn, we have a great marriage. She does so much for me and America’s Heroes.