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September 25, 2015
Hero of America, Oroville and the Free World
“Some Gave All”

Soon in the Oroville High School Hall of Fame
Different stories I have written about Corporal Clifford Arlin Rhine
Corporal Clifford Arlin Rhine Born on December 31, 1924, Died March 2, 1945, Killed in Action, on Iwo Jima, Served in the Marine Corps achieved the rank of Corporal. Was a Radioman with the 5th Marine Division during WWII, on Iwo Jima. Military Citations: Purple Heart. Honors- Arlin Rhine Drive, Oroville, CA. Now Arlin Rhine Memorial Drive. His family includes two sisters, Pamela Rhine Skogen, Santa Clara Ca, who has passed away and Jacquelyn Rhine Marshall of Virginia.. Arlin graduated honor man from Radio Operators School, having made the highest marks in his class. He also played in the Marine regimental bands. Sources Oroville Mercury Register, March 31, 1945 and his sisters.

Stu’s Notes:
Tomorrow night at the Feather Falls Casino we will honor the former Class Members of Oroville Union High School. They will be inducted into Oroville High School Hall of Fame. This is the 2nd man I have help receive this high honor, the 1st being Samuel Broadnax, Tuskegee airman. Tomorrow night I will be the Nominator of Corporal Clifford Arlin Rhine. More to come.

Oroville Mercury Register
September 25, 1943
In The Fight Pfc. Clifford A. Rhine “Tells it to the Marines”

An expert today at establishing and maintaining efficient communications under battle field conditions is Pfc. Clifford Arlin Rhine, 18 year old Oroville Marine. He has completed a 12 week course of training in radio operators’ school at the San Diego Marine Corps base, and is now ready to join the signal unit of a combat organization. Rhine, son of Clifford J. Rhine, lived here on Fifth Avenue. He joined the Marines last April Stu’s Notes, November 19, 2010 : Pfc. Clifford A Rhine, I have written before of him and I probably will again. A true hero of America who gave his life on a little bitty Island far out in the Pacific Ocean called Iwo Jima, To Receive High Honor “Two Local Scouts To be Awarded Eagle Rank Sunday Harold Dahlmeier and Arlin Rhine.( Stu-Best of Buddies.)

January 28. 2011
Stu’s Notes; I think I will go before the Oroville City Council and see if we could get Arlin Rhine Drive, changed to Arlin Rhine Memorial Drive, it would better reflect why the levee road was named. Many other Oroville streets that were named in honor of Oroville Heroes need a Gold Star on them to let everyone know that they are named for War Heroes. These men died for their country. Many people that live on those streets do not know why the street is named as it was. I tried but I guess not hard enough to get those Gold Star’s placed on the Street signs, such as Campbell, Morningstar, Worthy, Daryl Porter Way, etc. But so far have had no luck. The Gold Star would not affect the address and upon the levee no one lives up there so who would care if it’s called Arlin Rhine Memorial Drive, as it will be the street that goes through our upcoming beautiful Memorial Park. If you change all the streets names in Oroville to honor Oroville’s heroes, you would run out of street before you would run out of names.
Oroville Mercury Register March 31, 1948
San Bruno Services for Arlin Rhine Services for Clifford Arlin Rhine, who was killed at Iwo Jima were expected to be held at Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno. Date for the services will not be determined until later. The bodies of the war dead will arrive in San Bruno about March 31, and arrangements will be made sometime after that. Arlin Rhine was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Rhine of Oroville. He served with the Marine Corps.

July 24, 2014
Stu’s Notes:

Pfc. Clifford Arlin Rhine, Hero of Oroville and the free world, gave his life for his country and his buddies on Iwo Jima, an Island far out in the Pacific Ocean. The battle was 70 years ago this coming February. I’ve written quite a bit about young Arlin Rhine, through the years. Of course many of my readers know the road through our Memorial will some day soon I hope bear his name. Already the levee road behind the Municipal auditorium was named for him long ago, recently I got the City Council and All Metals to add a Gold Starr to each street sign. I also, this year nominated him for a spot on the Oroville High School Hall of Fame, but he was not picked, maybe next year. He did so much for his country and the City of Oroville in his short life. (Stu- Next year is here, Yea!) February 4, 2011 Stu’s Notes; Oroville Veterans Memorial Park Committee member, Doug Krause, who flew B17’s in Europe, has a brother, Howard who died over there and is buried in France. I have also written a lot about Arlin Rhine, just last week about Arlin Rhine Memorial Drive. I hope it will be changed to that. I don’t know how many Butte County Men are buried at our Golden Gate National Cemetery but I hope Lynn will drive me there some day. Lynn and I have been to Arlington twice and actually until we started this Memorial 10 years ago I’ve never heard of the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno. Sadly it does not get the publicity that Arlington gets. I wonder if a President ever even makes it there. I also wonder if there are other National Cemeteries on the West Coast.