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July 3, 2015
Oroville Mercury Register
June 27, 1946
Army Releases Its List Of Dead
Missing Butte County List Is Published Here

An Honor List released by the War Department today shows that 107 persons from Butte County are dead or missing from World War II. The list contains the latest and most complete data available on military personnel (Navy and Marine Corp not included) who were killed, died, or have remained missing between the President’s declaration of unlimited national emergency on May 27, 1941 and Jan.31, 1946, when the report was concluded. The number of missing persons is being reduced daily through operation of army search teams in all theaters of operations.

Type of casualty given below are KIA, killed in action; DOW, died of wounds: DOI, died of injuries: DNB, died non-battle: and FOD, finding of death, Missing persons are marked simply M.
The list from Butte County is: Akin, Charlie F. Pvt., KIA. Anderson, Robert V. Pfc., DNB. Ashley, Elmer M. Pvt., KIA, Babcock, Byrl L. Pvt., DNB. Baer, Thomas D.S. Sgt., KIA. Bagwell, John M. Jr., Cpl., DNB. Bailey, Lloyd E. Pvt., KIA . Banghart, Robert E. Pvt., KIA. Barnes, George B. Pfc., KIA. Barrett, Johnnie W. S. Sgt., KIA . Bisset, Warren R. Pvt., DNB . Boyd, George D. Pvt. DNB. Bradford, Henry F. Pvt. KIA. Campbell Raymand E. Pfc., KIA . Caplinger, Harley S. Pvt. DNB. Capps, Norman E. Pfc., KIA. Capps, Vernon L. Pvt., DNB. Caywood, Clinton L. 2nd Lt., KIA. Chapman, Ralph E. T. Sgt., DNB. Clewett, Kenneth W. 1st Lt., M. Cole,Willis W. S. Sgt., FOD. Cummings, John H.T. Sgt., KIA. Darling, Stanley B.T. Sgt., FOD. Davis, Arthur L. Cpl., DNB. Day, LeRoy L. Pvt., KIA,. Dodini, Edward F. Pfc., DNB. Entler, Paul L. Tec5, KIA. Fisher, Harold C. Pfc., DOW. Foster, Gordon P.S. Sgt., KIA. Foster, Stanley M. Capt., DNB. Goodwin, Eugene A. Pvt., KIA. Guynn, Ashley LM. Capt., KIA. Hammer, Leslie C. Pfc., DNB. Hampton, Lenard C. Pfc., KIA. Hansen, Donald G. T. Sgt., KIA. Hanson, Tommie M. Pfc., KIA. Harris, Everett L. 2nd Lt., FOD. Harvey, Clyde M. Pfc., KIA. Haver, Robert E. Pvt., KIA. Hecox, Max L. 1st Lt., KIA. Holloway, Willard H. Pfc., DOW. Hugh, Lloyd E. Cpl. DNB, Jacobes, Earl J. 1st Lt., DNB. Jernberg, Innes A. Pfc., DNB. Johnson Burl, Pfc., KIA. Johnson, Emery B. T. Sgt., KIA. Justus, Raymond D. Pfc., KIA. Kemp, James L. 2nd Lt., KIA. Kibler, Carlos R. 2nd Lt. DNB, King, Howard G. 2nd Lt. KIA. Landon, Donald A. Sgt., KIA. Larremore, Elton F. 2nd Lt., DNB. Ledger, Emery G. Pvt., KIA. Lee, Harold J. S. Sgt., KIA. Lewis, Arvie L. Pvt., DNB. Lindstrom, Mitchell M. S. Sgt., KIA. Lobdell, Ray B. 2nd Lt., DNB. Lofgren, Maurice A. Capt., DNB. Love, Joseph M.. Sgt., DNB. March Herbert R. 2nd Lt. DNB. March, Hubert R. 2nd Lt., DNB. Mathauser, John, Cpl., KIA. McCallan, Rodney L. Pfc., DNB. McHenry, Richard L. Pfc., KIA. Miller, Harry W. Jr. Cpl. DNB. Moore, Gail E. Jr. 1st Lt., FOD. Morgan, Lester T. Pvt., KIA. Noel, Harold P. Sgt., KIA. Norlie, Merle O. 2nd Lt., DNB. Obrien, Kenneth J. Maj., KIA. Onstott, Gordon L. 1st Lt., KIA. Orner, Ray B. Jr. M.Sgt., FOD. Picker, Arden E. Pvt., DNB. Ponke, Leo F. S. Sgt., DNB. Porter, Daryl W. 2nd Lt., Pfc., KIA. Powell, Donald L. Pfc., KIA. Rabe, Edward G. Cpl., KIA. Ray, Donald W. 1st Lt., DNB. Roberts, Wallace M. S. Sgt., FOD. Robertson, Carl M. Pfc., KIA. Robinson, Beverly C. Capt. KIA. Sample, Carl A. Pfc., KIA. Schulze, Garnett D. T. Sgt., KIA. Scott, Harold A. Capt., DOW. Scott, Harry, Pvt. KIA. Seay, Corbin W. Wojg., DNB. Shannon, Harold C. Jr. 2nd Lt., DNB. Shivers, Elvin E. Pvt., DOW. Shone, Thomas, B., Capt., KIA. Simpson, Robert L. Fl. O., FOD. Spencer, Thomas A. Sgt., M. Squires, Charles G. 2nd Lt., DNB. Stephens, James C. Jr. S. Sgt., FOD. Strang, Harold A. S. Sgt., DNB. Tieck. Robert H. 1st. Lt., DNB. Triplett, Verner M. SGT., KIA. Turk, Walter M. 2nd Lt., DNB. Turner, Wendell L. Pfc., KIA. Tuttle, Frank D. 2nd Lt., DNB. Walker, Melvin T. Pfc., KIA. Walsh, Thomas J. Tec5., DNB. Wassum, Warren M. Pfc., DNB Watson, Earl L. 1st Sgt., KIA. Welch, Thomas K. S.Sgt., KIA.

From the desk of Marianne Aleck:
Giants Game Getaway Ticket Winner Skip West Congratulations to local resident Skip West for being the big winner of the S.F. Giants Weekend Getaway! Skip told me when he attended the Veterans Memorial Bridge Ceremony he stopped by the BBQ at the Veterans Memorial Hall. While there he picked up Tile forms for his father and grandfather and bought $20 worth of tickets. Skip will be taking his son Spencer with him to the ball game who as it happens will be celebrating his 32nd birthday the day of the game!!! What a great Birthday Weekend for father and son. Skip comes from a military family. His grandpa fought in WWI, his father served in WWII and his Uncle Tom served in the early years of Vietnam. Although not a veteran himself Skip was a purser on an airline that shuttled troops into Kuwait from Okinawa Japan and Germany during the Iraq War. He recalled the thick black skies from the many oil fields that were ablaze. Thank you Skip West, and all who bought tickets for this worthy cause. We raise roughly $3200 from ticket sales and helped to keep the Veterans Memorial Park fresh in people’s minds. Stu’s Notes; I just picked up this 1946 newspaper and there was this list. I sure could have used it 14 years ago. Through a lot of research we have found most of these men and one Woman, Pvt. Byrl L. Babcock DNB, of course through the years we have also found many of their stories. Thank you Skip and to your family who served so well.