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July 17, 2015
Oroville Mercury Register
January 5, 1952
“Some Gave All”
‘One Man Stand’
Oroville GI Wins Silver Star

For bravery against the enemy in Korea, Pfc. John A. (Jack) Moseley of Oroville, will be honored posthumously by the Army next Wednesday night in Sacramento when the Silver Star is presented to his wife, Ruth Moseley of Myers Street. The ceremonies will take place in the Sacramento Armory, 12th and W streets, at 8:15 p., with more than 200 troops of the 18th infantry of the California National Guard participating. Col. Joseph I. deVille, regular Army instructor with the 184 infantry, will make the presentation acting for the commander general of the 6th Army. THE ACTION for which Pfc. Moseley received the citation occurred Sept. 2, 1951, near Kamp-ri, Korea, when a First Cavalry division platoon was ambushed deep in enemy territory by an estimated enemy company. “Private Moseley, automatic rifleman with the platoon, realizing the need for immediate action rushed to the most advantageous position amidst an intense volume of automatic weapons and small arms fire and delivered deadly fire into the ranks of the first wave of enemy troops,” the Army citation states. “After stopping the attack, he fearlessly remained in his exposed position, firing into the second wave of hostile soldiers keeping up his one-man stand until becoming mortally wounded. His selfless courage and extreme devotion to duty was an inspiration to his comrades. Private Moseley’s gallantry reflects great credit on himself and the military service.” Pfc. Moseley, a lifelong resident of the Oroville area, and a graduate of Oroville high school in 1947 had been in Korea less than a month and in the Army only six months. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Moseley, Route 3 and brother of Mrs. Blanche Cole and Dick Moseley, also of Oroville.

Oroville Mercury Register
January 5, 1952
News From Oroville Men In The Service

Keith Coggeshall son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Coggeshall of Thermalito, will be an assistant company commander for three weeks at the Navy’s Camp Elliott in San Diego following his basic training. Coggeshall, who visited his parents over the holidays, is taking his basic training at the San Diego Naval Training Center and is a recruit petty officer. He is a 1951 graduate of Oroville Union High School.

Apprentice Seaman Charles Rogers left for San Diego Naval Training Station Thursday night after spending a 12 day-leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rogers of Oroville-Chico Road. He expected to leave for Jacksonville, Fla., this week end to enter electrician’s school. Rogers, 19, enlisted in the navy last Sept. 27. He graduated from Oroville high school last June.

James E. Cannon, yeoman seaman apprentice, USN, son of I. C. Cannon of Pine Street, Oroville is serving aboard the battle ship USS New Jersey, flagship of Vice Admiral Harold M. Martin USN, in the Far East.

Oroville Mercury Register
January 5, 1952
Hurl Insults At Truce Meet

No progress Made for Third Day As Reds Stall on Moscow Orders

PANMUNJOM, KOREA (SUNDAY) (UP) The allies and the Reds shouted insults at each other Saturday across the Panmunjom truce table. The allies told the Reds they could not really be as dumb as they acted. The Reds said the allies had “fully exposed your ugly ferocious features as a bandit.” No progress was made in negotiations in two subcommittees on means of supervising an armistice and on the exchange of prisoners, and none was in prospect today.

Stu’s Notes:
A young man from Thermalito “Gave All” what a Hero, a Man who would lay down his life for others. He knew what he was doing was at great risk to his life, just months before he walked the streets of Thermalito and Oroville. Things happened quick back then. We were as usually unprepared for War. I knew his brother Dick Moseley, I think he was a 1956 graduate of Oroville High School. He was a long time State Theater worker. The War took another one and a half years to reach a truce. Not an end. Russia was not our Friend. Is it now?