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May 22, 2015
Oroville Mercury Register
March 30, 1953
Gridleyan Wounded
Pfc. Joseph Lewis Jr., son of Mrs. Mary E. Lewis, California Street, Gridley, has been wounded in Korea while fighting with a Marine Corps force, the Department of Defense announced today.

Oroville Mercury Register
February 26, 1953
News From Oroville Servicemen

Cp. Roland E. Cobbler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Cobbler of Rt. 5 Oroville, has been transferred to Korea from Japan. He had been in Japan since July. Cobbler is now in his second enlistment in the Air Force, and is attached to the ground forces. He attended Oroville Union High School.

Donald G. Butler, fireman USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ronsse of Palermo, is now on the office staff at the landing craft utilities office in Yukosuka. He has just completed a year’s service in Korea, where he helped operate an M boat, which carried patients and personnel to and from hospital ships.

James L. Allen, Airman third class, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Allen of Route 3, completed his basic training at Parks Air Force Base Tuesday, and left immediately for Amarillo, Tex., to attend a three month’s training school as a jet aircraft mechanic. Allen was graduated from Oroville Union High school in June 1952. He joined the Air Force in November and left Thanksgiving Day for Oakland to start his basic training.

Harry P. Rush, Navy yeoman, has arrived at Adak in the Aleutian Islands for duty. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rush of Elgin Street. (Stu- As much as I read and watch Military Programs, I don’t know what a yeoman does.)

Pvt. William H. Smith will receive his discharge from the Army in July. Pvt. Smith returned from overseas in January and has been stationed at Ft. Ord after a 30 day leave at the home of his grandmother, Mrs. Caroling Burrow of Ft. Wayne Street. During his two years overseas, Smith was stationed on Guam, and in Tokyo, where he worked in a laboratory and made many trips to Korea by plane with medicine and blood for the wounded.

Oroville Mercury Register
March 30, 1953

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PVT. Beetle Bailey
The new laugh sensation of the U. S. Army! “ There’s something about a soldier,” is how the old song goes but whatever there is about a G.I. guy, it’s different with Beetle Bailey. He’s the funniest character ever to pull on a pair of combat boots. So answer the roll call of fun every day with Beetle Bailey! Follow him every day in the Oroville Mercury. Here is one of the first Beetle Bailey comic strips… Cook says “I need you two to help carry some heavy boxers to the supply room!” “You’re in charge here while we’re gone, Beetle” Beetle says” You mean you’re leaving me in charge of Myself?!” Answer “That’s Right!” Beetle says “Ratz! I get all the Tough jobs!”

Oroville Mercury Register
March 30, 1953
Reds Surrender On POW Demands
‘Want To End War,” Chinese Premier Says

Tokyo (UP) – The Chinese Reds Broadcast today a new offer to end the entire Korean War. A Peiping broadcast quoting Chinese Communist Premier Chou En Lai proposed that all prisoners who want to return will be sent home. The others would be turned over to a “neutral state” to have their future “justly settled.” It was an apparent surrender by the Reds on the long-stalemated issue of voluntary repatriation of war prisoners, the only obstacle in the way of an armistice. It followed by only 48 hours a Communist proposal for immediate repatriation of sick and wounded prisoners. (Stu-So sad that the Korea War lasted probably 6 months longer on the POW question. The War ended on a Truce in July 27, 1953.)

Stu’s Notes:
Remember Memorial Day, Monday May 25th. Come to one or more of our three events. A small group of the patriotic Oroville Veterans Memorial Park Committee has been working for this day since February, under the Leadership of Oroville Veterans Memorial Park Committee Member Sherry Morehouse. We can always use more volunteers at the Cemetery up on the Hill right off Lincoln Blvd at 6AM thousands of American Flags will be put out, weather permitting, on the graves of the Veterans buried there and then they are taken down at 4PM. Donuts and Coffee will be provided for those who come in the morning. Since I go out on the Bridge (The Green Bridge) by the Round About, to put out flags and chairs I don’t get donuts but when I asked Sherry if she would place a few at the base of a few flags I would appreciate it. Did I ever get that look that you don’t want and we moved on with our meeting. Every year we hope a few younger people will join our group as our average age is old. Service at the Cemetery begins at 11AM and the Ceremony at the Bridge is at 1:15PM. There will be a Hot Dog and Hamburger Barbeque at 12 at the Veterans Hall on Montgomery St.