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Jamuary 2, 2015
Continued from last week:

A speech by Aubianna Queen about her time at Girls State sponsored by the American Legion Auxilary Post 95. “We were there for each other through the wins and the losses, and we all kept each other company, letting no Serra sister walk or sit alone. Late at night, even past the mandatory curfew, we would sneak into each other’s dorm rooms and talk until the early morning. In fact, the last night there, every Serra sister stayed in my dorm room, because it was the biggest. Until 4:30 am. We talked about our own lives, our experiences each day, and our views on the world. And everyday before we went to bed, we would play games and bond as a whole Serra family. Girls State was a place for growth, both in yourself and in your views of the world. At the party conventions, we were able to let our ideas flow and were allowed to make our own informed decisions on what we wanted to happen in the state. I was a Tory, and when I immersed myself in the intelligent debates members of my party were having, I learned so much about the current issues our State faces. As an assemblywoman, I saw more of this in action, as girls argued pros and cons of bills, and we all came together to pass or fail bills. At the end of Girls State, it was amazing to see what our week of hard work had accomplished. We passed bills ranging from water conservation and fracturing standards, to increased punishment for sex trafficking and other heinous crimes. We also passed bills to improve sex education and to ban all plastic bags. These accomplishments at girls state showed me the potential my generation has to accomplish great things and move our nation forward, as well as what young women have the capability to do when they ban together. What I learned most at girls state though, was the potential I had in myself. When I first learned of all the positions available at girls state, I didn’t think I would be elected for any of them. But after I gave my speech and was elected as assembly woman, I began to have confidence in myself. This esteem grew throughout my week at Girls State, and I gradually became more comfortable sharing my solutions and my opinions. At Girls State, I found my voice and my confidence, two things that have and will take me far in life. Since Girls State, I have been more involved in class discussions, more open to meeting new people, and perhaps the greatest achievement of all, I have been elected senior class president. My experience at girls state has made a great impact on my life, and I want to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to find my voice and make friendships that will last a lifetime. I am also Captain of my Robotics team in addition to being Senior Class President.” (Stu- What a busy young lady.)

Oroville Mercury Register
August 30 1945
Service Corner
… Albon S. Flores Is Discharged From The Army Pfc. Albon S. Flores, son of Mr. and Mrs. Manuel C. Flores, Rt. 1 Gridley, was recently honorably discharged from the army at Colorado Springs after spending the past six months in the hospital recovering from wounds received during the Battle of the Bulge last winter. After a short stay in Gridley, Flores will go back to work with the U. S. Department of Agriculture at the Western Regional Research Laboratory in Berkeley where he was employed prior to his entry in the army. Later Flores intends to complete his college course at the University of California where he will take a degree in chemical engineering. Flores spent six of his twenty six months in the service overseas. He was wounded and had his foot frozen during the attack on Luxembourg for which he received the Purple Heart. He was returned to the United States almost six months to the day after leaving New York harbor. He came back on the same ship, Queen Elizabeth that had taken him to Europe.

Stu’s Notes:
The Battle of the Bulge was fought just before Christmas 1944, by its end about 25,000 Americans died. What a Battle it was. Hitler had secretly amassed a much superior force at the time and place of his choosing; we were totally unprepared. But before it was over this totally and over whelmed force of Brave Americans prevailed and fought back and held ground. It was such amazing bravery, finally pushing the Germans back. You could write books about this great battle and of course people have. Albon Flores, a young Gridley Boy was there, wounded and came home, that’s all I might ever know about him. We all know the Famous Words when the German General asked us to surrender: NUTS!

The west coast gets snubbed when it comes to National Museums and monuments, this writer thinks so more on this when I get time. The American Legion has been supporting the Students from Oroville and Las Plumas High schools since the 1930’s. Please support them when ever you can. Their numbers are few for what they do.