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December 18, 2015
Oroville Mercury Register
September 20, 1941
Cadet’s Body In Sacramento

The body of Cadet John L Driscoll, 23, of Boise, Idaho, killed when his training plane crashed near Chico Friday, was taken to Sacramento yesterday where funeral services will be held. Mr. and Mrs. John Driscoll Sr., parents of the youth, will fly to Sacramento from Boise today for the funeral. Committees of Mather Field air corps officials were continuing today to investigate the cause of the accident. The left wing of the plane, which had been torn off, was found half a mile from the wrecked plane. The cadet was flying with Lt. J. H. Carter, instructor at Mather Field, who was thrown from the ship. He parachuted to safety.
(Stu - This man died in Butte County and will be honored here in Oroville.)

Oroville Mercury Register
September 20, 1941
El Medians To Discuss Evacuation

Preparations for evacuation of residents of El Medio and of Paxton Addition in event of an emergency will be considered at a mass meeting to be held in the Southside fire hall at 8 o’clock tonight. Appointment of air raid wardens and of committee heads to take charge of various activities is contemplated. Sheriff Taylor, chairman of the county defense council, and Esque McAtee are to speak. Members of the El Medio Community Club and firemen are cooperating in making plans for the defense meeting.

From the Scrapbook:
Board Announces Serial Numbers List Includes Names of Young Men Who Registered In Second R Day July 1

Serial numbers of 102 Oroville district young men who have reached the age of 21 since the first selective service registration day last October were announced today by the local draft board. The young men signed for selective service training on July 1. The names and serial numbers: S-1, Jerry James Gibson, Feather Falls, S-2, Richard John Joyce, Oroville, S-3, Floyd Ball, Oroville, S-4, Mauro Gomez, Oroville, S-5 Albert Anson Simmons. Woodleaf Star Route, S-6, Willie Ernest Burrows, Oroville. S-7, Jesse Vance Lane, Feather Falls. S8, Pete Ledger, Feather Falls. S-9, Fred Ivan Gilbert Jr., Oroville. S-10, Henry Eugene Sprowl, Oroville. S-11, Stayman Auburn Buttler, Bangor. S12, Rudolph Clarence Baker, Gridley. S-13, Roy Eugene Ingwerson, Oroville. S-14, Henry Louis Rose, Oroville. S-15, Magneson Stram, Oroville. S-16, Robert Allen Morrill, Oroville. S-17, Charles Horace Bidwell. S-18, Steve Silvas Gomez, Biggs. S-19, Bernie Glenn Howell, Oroville. S-20, Marvin Earnest Vance, Biggs. S-21, Ray Eldon Zirkle, Feather Falls Star Rt. S-22, Ray Eldon Zirkle, Feather Falls Star Rt. S23, Arden Johnson Young, Oroville. S-24, Joe Saye Riddle, Feather Falls. S-25, Robert Arthur Minke, Oroville. S-26, Roberto Saiz Matta, Feather Falls. S-27, Harry Boulton Clark, Oroville, S-28, Earl Robert Miller, Feather Falls. S-29, Winfred Martin McDermett, Richvale. S-30, Ernest George Baker, Gridley. S-31, Russell Wayne Neyens, Berry Creek. S-32, John Dunn, Oroville. S-33, Randolph Erickson Fife, Gridley. S-34, Bill Schrack, Gridley. S-35, Harold Elwood Walsh, Oroville. S-36, Samuel Epperson, Oroville. S-37, Humphrey Basil Raddick, Oroville. S-38, William Henry Patrick Dolan Jr., Oroville. S-39, Jerry Williams Samla, Biggs. S-40, Jose Sandoval Martinez, Nelson. S-41, Jimmie Lee Richmond, Oroville. S-42, Martin Harold Gerrard, Oroville. S-43, Floyd Boone Hall. S-44, Robert Grier Reeves, Oroville. S-45, George Enos Silva, Gridley.S-46, Harold Ray Kesterson, Feather Falls. S-47, Herbert C. McManus, Feather Falls. S-49, Harold Shelton, Feather Falls. S-50, Jimmie Forward Townsend, Feather Falls. (to be continued)

Stu’s Notes:
The above story about Cadet John L. Driscoll is all we know about this young man who died for his country. Before WWII, less than 3 months before Pearl Harbor . Our Country pretty much knew that War was coming. The headlines in the Oroville Mercury before Pearl Harbor attested to this fact. Mercury owner, Dan Beebe, wrote War was coming. We really know and it did come Dec. 7, 1941. Daryl and I and a few other have more research to do. The above list doesn’t mean all these men were drafted. Seems like the El Medians knew war was coming.

Next week our Veterans Memorial Park for all of Butte County will be Honoring Lt. Col. Cecil Hall, who will receive, from the German Embassy in San Francisco, a thanks for his service to save Berlin from the Russians in 1948. He flew in the Berlin Airlift. They are coming to Oroville to bestow this Honor on him. Cecil is a member of our Veterans Memorial Committee. In WWII he was station around India and other scary places.

Just found by me: Oroville Mercury Register August 15, 1941 headline, U.S. Entry Into War Predicted