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October 9, 2015
Oroville Mercury Register
August 19, 1941
Will Do Share (Caption of Picture)

John Karl Doering, Canadian, of Gridley, who applied for United States citizenship so he could join other young men in nation’s new army-for-democracy. He was one of three inductees who left Oroville yesterday for the Sacramento induction station.

From Looking Back on Oroville and Butte Counties Heroes, June 30, 2006
Oroville Mercury Register
February 1, 1943
This Man Insisted On Getting Into The Army

John K. Doering, 28 son of Mrs. Barbara Doering of Gridley, was one of the first men called into the service from Butte County. At the time of his induction he received special mention in the Mercury because he was a Canadian citizen but applied for his first naturalization papers so that he could do his share for the United States. After training at Fort Leonard Wood, he refused a chance to stay and help train others in order to go overseas with his unit last January. He has been in New Guinea since October and his letters to his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Raynor of Thermalito say that he is not sorry to have gone. He also tells them that he finds the days very long and so much alike that the men forget what day it is. “The country is not much for scenery except for the beautiful sunsets.” Mrs. Raynor has been sending the Mercury to her brother and he writes that after reading them, “with folks like that at home we can’t miss out here.” Doering’s people are very proud of him and want his friends to know that the boys at the front appreciate what is being done at home to help win. Doering was employed by the Western Pacific Railroad here prior to his entry into the service.
(Stu’s Notes; I have known John K. Doering’s Nephew, Jim Doering, every since the first grade at Thermalito Grammar School. During WWII Americans and Canadians even fought in each other’s Armies. Now I know that his uncle was a hero)

From Looking Back on Oroville and Butte Counties Heroes April 30,2011
Oroville Mercury Register
September 6, 1944

Doering Looks For Someone From Butte
First Sgt. John K. Doering, who left Oroville on Aug. 18, 1941, for Army Service, has not seen anybody “from home” in the long 32 months that he has been in the Southwest Pacific. In a V-mail letter to the Mercury dated August 19 from overseas he says that he “would enjoy getting in touch with some of the fellows from Oroville of Gridley if they happen to be in my immediate vicinity.” He said he was getting the Mercury, about a dozen copies at a time when they arrive, and usually about two months after mailing. Doering’s address is: 1st Sgt. John K. Doering Co. “C: 808 Engr. Avn. Bn, APO 920 c/o Postmaster San Francisco, California.

Oroville Mercury Register
August 19, 1941
Gets Wings

Victor H. Prarat of Biggs, who has received the silver wings and gold bars of a lieutenant following graduation from the army air corps, advanced flying school at Brooks Field, Texas. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Prarat of Biggs. Final training in the 7 ½ months course gives the flier experience in formation flying, instrument flying, interception problems and day and night cross-country flying in addition to intensive ground school work.

Stu’s Notes:
Please come and support “The Oroville American Legion Annual Spaghetti Dinner & Dance Saturday, October 10th at the Oroville Veteran’s Hall, 2374 Montgomery St. Oroville, CA. Catered by Son’s of Italy, Sponsored by Feather Falls Casino & Lodge & Feather Falls Casino Brewing Company. Silent Auction, Full No Host Bar, Dance to “Decades” Band starts at 7:30pm Cost Dinner & Dance $20 per person, Buy 2 Dinner & Dance-$35, Dinner only $12, Dinner Served at 3-6:30pm Music & Dancing At 7:30 For info & Tickets American Legion Post 95-534-9889, Marcozzi Jeweler’s -533-3811, Modern Cleaners- 533-2722, Diamond W. Western -891-1650, Pure Spa – 532-2082, Eagle FOE 196- 533-9801 This event is brought to you by Oroville American Legion Post 95, Proceeds will benefit the Veteran’s Memorial Park that will feature the names of our beloved Butte County Heroes who have given their lives for our Country.

John Karl Doering, a very patriotic man, his country Canada had been fighting the evil Nazis and Japan since 1939 and he knew as many American’s did that we would be fighting along with the Canadians and the British. All The other Allies soon and he wanted to do his part. I must go and see him soon. The last time I talked to him he and a friend by chance were sitting behind Lynn and I at the State Theater, which I’ll have you know as Members of Stage we own a small piece. I urge more to join this wonderful group. See the “Voice of Oroville” Jim Moll about this. Now one of our heroes is all on the same page.