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October 2, 2015
Oroville Mercury Register
January 9, 1941
Much Interest Here In Army Mobile Unit

Over 500 Oroville people visited Uncle Sam’s silver mobile recruiting station during its two-day stay in Oroville, according to Robert A. Lamkins and Roger L. Cass, recruiting sergeants. At one time yesterday twelve people crowded into the 25-foot trailer. More interest was displayed in enlistment methods, army opportunities and national defense by Oroville people than by the citizens of any town the unit has visited, the sergeants. Said today. The sleek truck and tr ailer pulled out of Oroville at 9:30 am today and headed for Chico where the unit will operate for three days. Before leaving, Cass and Lamkins sent two Oroville men to San Francisco for final arrangements and assignments to duty. A total of five men enlisted during the two days. James W. McKim, 19of Fort Wayne street, was the last to enlist. He joined Joseph H. Buresh, Lester W. Curran, Max W. Platzek and Stanley R. Seaton. McKim signed up for the air corps and will be stationed at McChord fields, Wash. Fifty applicants were interviewed Tuesday and Wednesday. Thirteen were rejected because of physical defects. Many are expected to join the army later as a result of the interviews. The recruiting sergeants were pleased with the response Oroville gave to their efforts. Oroville Mercury Register November 9, 1953 Oroville Area October Enlistees For Army and Air Force are Listed. The following persons, from Oroville and vicinity, were enlisted through the U.A. Army and U. S. Air Force recruiting station during the month of Oct., 1953, according to word received from T Sgt. Jack Horn, recruiting Sgt. Kay Frances Stocksberry, 18, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin U. Stooksberry, Rt. 4. Kay was a recent graduate of OUHS prior to enlisting in the WAF. Ronald G. Lawton, Old Quincy Rd., 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gray S. Lawton, was enlisted as an aviation cadet and began his pilot training at Lackland AFB, Texas the first of November. Gary A. Quirin, 18, son of Mrs. Sylvia Kinder, Box 31 Bangor, was enlisted in the Air Force and will take his basic training at Lackland AFB, Texas. Jackie O. Burris, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orville R. Burris, RT 3, Oroville, and William H. Day, son of Mrs. Florence Singley, Rt.3 , were enlisted in the U. S. Army and will take their basic training at Ft. Ord, near Monterey, California.