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September 9, 2014

Oroville Mercury Register
November 2 1946
Barracks Suffer From Weather As Vets Await Use

While Butte County awaited the return of the Oroville airport barracks by the Washington authorities weather and wind are injuring the buildings, according to Sackett E. Booth, member of the county housing authority. “The wind is blowing the tarpaper off the outside walls,” Booth declared angrily, “with no care being taken of the structures.” The request of the Butte County Housing Authority was submitted to the Federal Housing Authority 60 days ago, Booth said. The 20-odd buildings there, which are 20 feet wide and 100 feet long, were requested for use of veterans and their families. At present they lie idle, subject to gradual disintegration from wind and rain, Booth added. Maynard McPherrin, housing chairman for the county, said today that he would take further measures to obtain use of the buildings on Monday if the release had not been received by them.

Oroville Mercury Register
November 2 1946
Legion Asks FPHA Be Ended; Let Vets Manage Housing - Is Demand

Indianapolis –UP- The national executive committee of the American Legion has asked that the federal public housing authority be abolished and an emergency board of seven World War II veterans be created to deal with the critical housing situation. The board passed unanimously the resolution calling for legislation abolishing the housing authority and the office of national housing expediter Wilson Wyatt last night after a special Legion Housing committee blamed federal agencies and labor for the veteran’s housing shortage. The group asked that President Truman set up the emergency board of ex-G.I.’s by executive order. They also asked that rent control be retained but that the program be taken from OPA jurisdiction and given to the proposed board. Another of the 21 resolutions passed by the executive body requested that congress empower the housing board to guarantee G. I. Loans 100 per cent for 40 years. Oroville Mercury Register November 23, 1946 Daughter Is Born to Mrs. C. J. Rhine A baby daughter was born to the wife of C. J. (Jiggs) Rhine this morning at the Oroville Curran hospital.

Stu’s Notes:
I’ve read the front page of thousands of Oroville Mercury’s and the above birth announcement on the front page of the November 23, 1946 Mercury just didn’t happen at all. I’m thinking the editor Dan Beebe ran the birth of this little baby girl on the front page because she was born to the parents of a very popular Oroville man who was killed on Iwo Jima just a little over a year before. Arlin Rhine was so well though of our leave road that now goes through our Memorial was named in his honor. Now Arlin Rhine Memorial Drive, The City entered the word “Memorial” for me a few years ago. After World War I the Veterans were short changed on the promises made to them. WWII why did it take so long for many to find housing? Did our Government expect them to did fox holes that many had lived in so long, or sleep 6 or 7 high in bunks down is some cold ship anchored in some bay? We go into War unprepared and end wars not preparing enough for the men who fought them. I think the Wounded Warriors is a very good program, but should we need it? Those Wounded Veterans should get every thing they need, from tax payers like me.

POW/MIA Recognition Day; only one more meeting before the ceremony, chaired by Sherry Morehouse. If you haven’t attended one of these ceremonies now is the time. Most of our POW’s came home from our Wars in body but many were scared for life by the terrible things they went through. Remember the MIA’s never came home, body or soul, this it the day to remember their sacrifices. The Ceremony will be September 19th, 7PM at the Veterans Memorial Hall on Montgomery Street.

Veterans Park Motorcycle Rally; All proceeds benefit the Veterans Memorial Park Fund. Motorcycle Rally & Show n’ Shine, Saturday, September 20, 2014 Plus BBQ Cook Off, Starts and ends at Feather Falls Casino in Oroville 3 Alverda Drive 530-533-3885. 7:30 am- 11am: Registration, $25 Singles, $15 Passenger and/or extra hands. Please contact James Townsend pjtownsend@att.net or (530) 589-5748