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August 22, 2014
Oroville Mercury Register
January 1943
Voos Misses Coffee: Serves In Australia
Private John F. Voos is back in training in Australia following four weeks in the hospital with an attack of influenza, according to word received here by friends. Voos, formerly employed in the Safeway store here, arrived on the Down Under continent several months ago. He writes that coffee is a thing of the past, and that tea is the only drink served the men. He adds the postscript: “Boy, how I could go for a good U. S. steak.” He was inducted October 10, 1941, trained at Camp Roberts and later at Ft. Lewis.
(Stu- My marine Uncle was in Australia he said “We ate Mutton and the Aussie’s ate Steak.”)

October 1, 2004
Looking Back on Oroville Heroes
Oroville Mercury Register
May 3, 1945
Johnny Voos Home From Pacific Area

Pfc. Johnny Voos of Sacramento is renewing friendships in Oroville while visiting friends for a few days. Before entering the army he was employed by the Safeway Store here. Entering the service in October 1941, he has spent three years in the Pacific area with the 41st Division of the Infantry. He was in the Philippines before coming back to the states for 21 days leave.

Oroville Mercury Register
February 1943
Pals Report Together For Naval Air Corps Duty

Richard Knowles and David Painter Two of the younger crop who are off to service in the Naval Air Corps. Both of the boys enlisted last September and each received his call January 25, and reported for duty Feb. 3, at San Luis Obispo. Richard is the son of Mrs. Leah Knowles of Mitchell Avenue. He is 18 years of age and was graduated from Oroville high school with the class of ’42. While at high school he went out for football and basketball. David is the son of Mrs. Alice Painter of Linden Avenue and the brother of Miss Virginia Painter. He is 19 years old, a graduate of the class of ’41, and attended Yuba Junior College until the time of his enlistment. After enlisting he worked at the Richmond ship yard until he received his call.

Oroville Mercury Register
February 1943
Herman Quintel, Leaves For Naval Base

Herman “Bullet” Quintel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Quintel, left Feb. 16 for Farragut, Idaho where he reported for naval training. He attended the local schools and graduated from high school in 1941. At high school he was prominent in student body activities, social affairs and athletics.

Stu’s Notes:
John Voos was a friend of mine and long time member of our First United Methodist Church. I grew up in the Church and never knew John was a Hero of our Country. I wrote about him the first time, in October of 2004, wow 3 years in the Pacific War, before getting to come home for 21 days.

Times have sure changed; my daughter was in the war zone in Iraq one day and home at least on American soil in the next day. Many that went to Iraq got to come home on leave after 6 months, then go back. She could have gone to Europe, but she chose to come home. I guess she missed her horses and dogs. She wanted to go back a few years later but an old knee injury kept here home under her protest. Those soldiers train hard together and want to fight together. The camaraderie is very strong in our Service Men and Women. Something you will not find in modern day society.

Anyway I talked to John and he, like many who saw terrible things, for so long didn’t want to say much. He did say he spent many long terrible nights in the jungle. He was married for along time to Katie Voos, who lived to be over 100 years old. They were a most wonderful couple and are dearly missed. John was younger than Katie and she often said “I married a younger man to take care of me” and he did until she passed away. John died shortly after his duty to his country and to Katie was finished. Well done John. Someone has bought a tile for Herman Quintel, maybe they read my stories and can tell me more about him and how he got the Nickname “Bullet”. I need to call Faye Anglin, she keeps track of the Oroville High School grads of the 30’s, and early 40’s.

Well, we have had our first planning meeting for the up coming POW/MIA Recognition Day Ceremony. It is coming up sooner than you think. It is on the third Monday of September this year September 19th, at 7Pm, at the Veteran’s Memorial Hall on Montgomery.