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May 9, 2014
Oroville Mercury Register
April 15, 1946

Mrs. Henry Sprowl Travels 6000 Miles To Make Home In Oroville
First war bride to arrive in Oroville is Mrs. Henry E. Sprowl, the former Monica Harlow of Burton on Trent, England. The couple were married in England at her home town June 9, 1945, while Sprowl was on leave from Army duty in Germany. Sprowl was stationed at Burton on Trent for nine months prior to assignment to duty in Germany and met his wife-to-be there while she was a member of the Voluntary Aid Detachment as a nurse. Helped With Babies Accompanied by 600 French wives of soldiers, 200 English girls and 200 small babies, Mrs. Sprowl came across the ocean to arrive in New York March 22, aboard the Italian liner Vulcania. Her prowess as a nurse was very much in demand throughout the voyage, she said, helping mothers to care for their babies. Sprowl was discharged from the army at Camp Beale last December. Attractive, golden haired Monica Sprowl arrived in Oroville five days later. She shared a compartment with two other California bound young wives across the continent. Buys A Banana “The train passed through so many different kinds of country all the way,” she said, “it was very interesting.” In Chicago she purchased her first banana in six long years. “I like it here in Oroville,” Mrs. Sprowl declared, “and due to my acquaintance with my husband I don’t find Americans strange at all.” The young couple laughed when it was remarked that she would have a long way to go “home to mother”…some 6000 miles, but she countered that she could go home to her parents-in-law. The Sprowl’s live with his parents on C Street, on a temporary basis until they are able to build their own home. Both father and son work for the Western Pacific railroad.

Oroville Mercury Register
April 15, 1946
World 2 Vets Plan Chapter In Oroville

The Veterans’ Association of World War II will organize a chapter in Oroville in the near future, Clyde Hann, chairman of the organization’s civil affairs committee, announced today. A number of Oroville Veterans have already joined the association Hann said. The organization already has chapters at Chico, Paradise and Alturas. Other chapters will be started at Gridley, Willows, Redding and Red Bluff, according to Hann. “The association is working for the general betterment of the veteran and to assist him in every way possible.” Hann said. “In Chico we have already placed over 100 veterans in jobs.” Pat Foley, who recently resigned as county veterans’ service officer at the request of the supervisors, is now handling veterans’ affairs for the association. His services are open to all veterans who need any aid, Hann said. Hann explained that the organization, which is backing the recall of Supervisors Meixner and O’Neill, is not a political group but will participate in politics if it is deemed necessary. “The association, as a group, does not believe one way or the other in the Chico-Paradise cutoff road,” Hann said. “What we do believe in, as far as the road is concerned is that it should be placed on the ballot and voted on by the people. Any action of a major nature we believe should be subject to the people’s decision at the polls.”

Stu’s Notes:
It must have been pretty hard for the English and French Soldiers to come home and find so many of the young girls gone to America. But you might look at it this way, if American men had not gone over there, their countries might well have been ruled by Hitler and that is unimaginable. I personally knew an Oroville man who brought an English Bride home. Also a good friend of mine brought home his English Lady, but he says maybe I’ll get his story of “over There” someday.

Hopefully my Veteran Friends will know what happened to The Veterans Association of World War II. Sounds like they were a little political.

I hope to see many of you at the Feather Fiesta Days Parade. I will have all my memorabilia on Building the Oroville Dam. Also, I will have information on Veterans and the Veterans Memorial Park for All of Butte County. I hope you will stop by our booth and say hello. Our Booth is in Lot A and we expect to be in the same place across from Kusel’s Big Store. I will be riding on the “Men Who Built Oroville Dam” float.