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January 24, 2014
This is an e-mail I received from Bud Bolt in December.

“Hi Stu, The following is a brief outline regarding the 5 Veteran Hero boards that we have made up and on display at Bolt’s Antique Tool Museum.
  1. Col. Jack Bolt-U.S.M.C. –A flying ace in both the WWII and Korean War. Was part of Pappy Boyington’s famous Black Sheep Squadron.
  2. Capt. Edgar Bouinot Jr. U.S.N. Retired, WWII – Korean War & Viet Nam. His 1st combat assignment was on the USS Enterprise 1944/1945- Night Fighter Squadron 78 Air Group 20. Upon his retirement he was Captain of USS New Orleans 1969/1970-. A remarkable career and a wonderful friend.
  3. Sgt Kenneth Lenke U.S.A. WWII- Sgt. Lenke was a Forward Observer 7th Army Artillery during the Battle of the Bulge and other campaigns. He had a distinguished record and thanked Gen. Patton for getting him home.
  4. Ralph Lenke – U.S.A.-WWII served with Signal Battalion that joined up with Gen. Patton’s 3rd Army in the Battle of the Bulge and 2 other campaigns. He, like Brother Ken, thanked Gen. Patton for getting him home. He served our country honorably and well. Thank you, Ralph.
  5. Bobby Yocom – U.S.N.- Korean War- Bobby served his country honorably during the Korean War primarily as an Air Craft Mechanic.

Thank you, Bobby. Needless to say, we are honored to know these Veterans and thank them for their service and many contributions to the Museum. Bolt’s Antique Tool Museum, 1650 Broderick St. Oroville, CA. 95965 Phone: 530-538-2528”. The Museum is opened Monday-Saturday, 10am-3:45PM and Sundays 11:45 - 3:45.

(Stu - July 1984 Pappy Boyington came to Oroville’s Air Show years ago. He signed his Book for my son Jeff- “To Jeff with Black Sheep Greetings from Pappy Boyington”)

Oroville Mercury Register
March 21, 1946
Gen. Homma To Die Before Rifle Squad Tokyo
- (U.P.) – Gen. Douglas MacArthur today ordered an Allied firing squad in the Philippines to execute Lt. Gen Matsamaru Homma, conqueror of Corregidor, because of his responsibility for the Bataan death march and other wartime atrocities. MacArthur confirmed the death sentence passed on the 61 year old Homma by a military court. The Japanese general has no further appeal. “If this defendant does not deserve his judicial fate, none in jurisdictional history ever did,” MacArthur said in his decision. MacArthur directed Lt. Gen. W.W. Styer, U.S. Commander in the Philippines, to execute the sentence against Homma with a firing squad. The announcement did not indicate where or when the execution would occur. Homma’s fate, according to Japanese belief, is a more heroic one than death by hanging. Lt. Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita, the “Tiger of Malaya,” was hanged in a cane field near Manila Feb. 23. Homma stood up when his sentence was announced, declaring dramatically that he was “glad to die before a firing squad. It is an honorable death.” Besides permitting the death march MacArthur’s review held that bombing of Manila after it was declared an open city and for the torture and murder of Americans and Filipinos.

Stu’s Notes:
When Bud and Laila Bolt offered his vast collection of tools to the City of Oroville, I was glad the City said yes. I worried they might say no, not realizing what it consisted of and that some would say we have no place to put it. I was fortunate to see a lot of his collection years ago up at his house. I was amazed at what I saw. And since then many others have come forward with their tools that were just waiting for a Museum to give them to. Al Jackson’s grand son gave up his cherished grandfather’s tools, Al used as an Ironworker. He worked on the Golden Gate Bridge, Al was what we call in our trade a Bridgeman, about the Highest Honor you can hang on an Ironworker. I was very fortunate to work on a few jobs with Al, one being the Bridge over the Sacramento River at Meridian. We also worked on our Bidwell Bar Bridge across Lake Oroville. I was lucky to acquire the Gas Pump I filled the Tractors and cars of the Ghianda Ranch here in Thermalito. For years I wanted to get it but Lynn said we have enough Old Stuff. Then out of the blue Raymond Jensen said I can get that pump for you and he did. It was hard for me to part with it but I knew The Bolt’s Antique Tool Museum would be a fitting place for that piece of Thermalito History. It’s sad when people have a piece of history locked up in their house for only their eyes to see. Share it with the world. The gas pump has the names engraved on it of Alma, Joe, Norma and Rudy Ghianda. They were such wonderful people. I got to work for them from picking figs to Ranch Foreman. (Stu-Any Thermalito kid who is now over 60, like my sister Peggy, probably picked figs.)

Gen. Matsamaru Homma didn’t deserve an honorable death because there was nothing honorable about him. The terrible way he let so many die under his command. You hear a lot about the Nazi War Criminals, but not so much about Tojo and his Generals; there were plenty. Their Holocaust wasn’t as big as Hitler’s but just as evil, think the “Rape of Nanking” and the slaughter of Filipinos.