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October 31, 2014
More from Charles Leroy Myers (Chico High School Graduate and Prisoner of War, Wake Island 1941)
“After Capture, continued”
I started trading my rice and soup meals for an extra loaf of bread. I caught rain water to drink. I ate only barley bread and water. After a week to ten days, my dysentery stopped. I could not pass anything for several days afterwards. I then started gaining weight and strength. Don’t tell me that you are being punished when in jail: you are put on bread and water. There were so many sad things that happened almost every day in Camp 18 in Sesabo and to a lesser amount in Camp 1 at Fukuoka. I have tried to remember a few situations that happened to my father and I. Most of the reports by other men will only be situations as experienced by others or all in our camp. My father surely saved my life by holding me back when my ideas could cause us to be punished. I gave a new guard the finger thinking that he didn’t know what it meant. He took me to my father and gave my father hell. He said that a father should teach his son better. The guard then proceeded to beat my father for several minutes with a club. The guard then turned his attention to me. He beat the hell out of me with the same warmed up club. Then the guard left us. My father said, “Son, you need to be more careful and don’t let your feeling get control of you, you could get us both killed.” My answer was, “Dad, do you remember when I was ten years old and stole the girl’s jump rope from school? Then I lied and said the rope fell off a truck.” My older brother came home and said someone had taken the girl’s jump rope tied to a tree. My father gathered a large handful of wild grape vine branches. He said, “Son, I would not beat you if you had not lied to me.” He then put welts on my backside all the way down to my heels. He then made me take the rope back to the principal. In those days, you never wanted to go see the principal. My dad said, “Yes, I remember it well, why did you ask?” I replied, “Now we’re even.” He started to laugh, then we both were laughing. You know a little humor can take a lot of pain away, even if only for a few minutes. Camp I, the grass shacks: We started loading dirt for fill at the airport. After a few days they needed equipment operators. My father and I were given the job of running the large roller compactor to press the fill dirt tightly together. Because we had no official interpreter at Camp 18 for eighteen months, we were forced to learn some Japanese. At Camp 18, we had civilian guards as work foremen with clubs and regular Navy guards with rifles over us. When they transferred us to Camp #1, we knew enough Japanese to have an advantage over the other prisoners…US and Javanese. The camp had an English Officer in the camp as trouble shooter for all prisoners. At the airport we had access to the Japanese truck drivers hauling supplies. I sold my food rations to get yen. With money, I was able to get better food and other goods from several of the Japanese truck drivers. Most of my loot was stashed under the raised flooring and blankets. The camp had enough men to work 12 hours on several jobs. Our guards in camp were older men, either injured or no longer on regular duty. The loved to take turns coming in one end of the barracks. Everyone would stand and bow as a salute. After we sat back down, another guard would come in from the other end. They kept doing this until someone would not get up. They would then beat up those who refused to stand and bow.
(to be continued) .

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