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August 2, 2013
Oroville Mercury Register
January 23, 1951
Wounded Veteran of Korean War Hunting for Job

A 19 year old discharged Korean war veteran, still walking with a slight limp as the result of a foot wound, was urgently in need of a job here today “Truck driving, grocery store or the railroad – I’ll take anything, I’m running out of funds,” were the words of Kenneth Moore, honorably discharged by the Army last week. Moore, who lived in Chico before entering the Army 10 months ago, has decided to settle in Oroville-if he can find a job. And the young veteran hasn’t been sitting back and waiting for a job to come to him either. He has made a search so far unsuccessful, for work since arriving here. Last Friday he put a “work wanted” advertisement in the Mercury, but still hasn’t had any results. He doesn’t talk much about the Korean fighting and dismissed his battle injury with the remark that he was “wounded, slightly.” A truck driver with the 32nd regimental combat team, Moore was wounded in the foot when his jeep was hit by mortar fire, he said after some reluctance to talk about the injury. His foot was later complicated by frostbite, but the injury, which he received near Seoul in November, shouldn’t hamper him in working, he was quick to add. Moore who spent seven of the 10 months of his Army career fighting in Korea, can be reached at phone number 999 during the daytime.

Oroville Mercury Register
January 23, 1951
Britain Not Ready To Support U. S.

London-(U.P.)- Minister Clement Attlee made it clear today that Britain was not yet ready to support an American proposal to brand Communist China an outright aggressor in Korea. In a cautiously-worded statement he told the House of Commons that Britain was prepared to condemn Chinese “intervention in support of an aggressor.” The United States is demanding that Red China itself be found guilty of aggression. Nor is Britain ready to consider further measures against Communist China, Attlee said. Apparently he was referring to suggestions that sanctions and a naval blockade to be clamped on Red China.

Oroville Mercury Register
January 25, 1951
Discharged Veteran of Korean War Learns that Oroville Has A Heart

Kenneth Moore, 19-year-old Korean battle veteran, had a job today thanks to the people of Oroville and as he says “to the Mercury.” Moore, who was wounded in action while serving with the Army in Korea, started today on his new job and this may also be the beginning of a new career for the young ex-soldier. He is learning to be a “spotter” at the Modern Dry Cleaners’ plant at 730 Montgomery Street. The veteran of seven months fighting said the cleaning company offered him the job after reading his story in Tuesday’s Mercury. And that wasn’t all- “I also had two phone calls from people here who wanted to offer me homes. It was really swell of them, but I don’t need a home.” Moore, who was honorably discharged from the Army Jan. 16, said he is grateful for the help offered him by the people of Oroville and by his new employer. “Being a ‘spotter’ is a good job. Thanks… Thanks a lot.”

Stu’s Notes:
The Chinese were coming over the North Korea border with men and planes killing many American Soldiers, yet the British didn’t want to call them aggressors. If I remember right we supported England when Hitler was killing the British people.

Last Tuesday, O.V.M. P. Committee members; Bill Fox, Wayne Brock and I went down to our memorial site and heard Jennifer Wilson, Capital Improvement Project Manager for Butte County, explain to contractors the plans to bid on our project. The bids are due back to the County by August 15th. These are exciting times for our Memorial, the best thing she told them, at least to a Buy American” guy like me was that this project is subject to the “Buy American Provisions of the surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982 as amended by the intermodal Surface Transportation efficiency Act of 1991.” I’ve been told that The New Bay Bridge, in the Bay Area, was mostly built in China, and that those involved turned down Federal Funds so that it could be built in China. If true it is something to think about. Long ago our Oroville Veterans Memorial Park for All of Butte County Committee, voted to use as best as possible all American Made Material. For example a lot of Granite Stone used in America is not from here. Well ours was born in Clovis, California, a long time ago. Thank you, Lake Oroville Monument Company for finding this granite for us.