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May 17, 2013
Thermalito’s Own Goes A long Way
Chief Warrant Officer Three David L. Jensen served honorably with the United States Army from October 1961 to May 1991, graduating from Central Texas College with a Law Enforcement Degree. The majority of his service was as a Special Agent with the United States Army Criminal Investigation, Command (CID), during the cold war period in Europe. During this period he worked with the German Criminal Police and conducted investigations against the Red Army Faction, a German terrorist group in Frankfurt, Germany, who bombed several US Army locations and caused personal property damage against Mr. Jensen. Additionally, during the Desert Storm war in January-February 1991, Mr. Jensen was the Terrorist Defense Coordinator, responsible for the Frankfurt military and civilian community. The cold war came to an end in Germany in 1991 and Mr. Jensen along with numerous others soldiers played an important part in helping to bring it to an end. CIS motto “Do What Has To Be Done!”. David was born in November 1942 . Military Citations- He was awarded Five Army Achievement medals, two Army Commendation medals, one Army Meritorious Service medal. Honors- Submitted the first DNA analysis request for a criminal investigation. Family- Wife, Betty Joan Jensen, Sources- Personal report. Stu- David is a member of The Oroville Veterans Memorial for all of Butte County. Oroville Mercury Register November 30, 1951 Admiral Warns On Armistice Santa Rosa –(UP)- Nations combating Communism should be “very much concerned with what may happen in the Far East if a cease fire is ordered in Korea,” according to Adm. Charles Cooke, Ret. Comdr. Of the U. S. Seventh Fleet. Cooke, who has spent the past two years as adviser to the Chinese Nationalist government in Formosa, said yesterday that the UN cease fire would leave the enemy stronger in prestige and armed might, than when the Korean fighting started. “The Chinese Reds,” said “would be free to go in another direction where we could not stop them.” He mentioned Indo-China and Burma as possible Red objectives and added that a cease fire also would free Chinese armies to strengthen the Communist hold on their own countries. Cooke questioned the wisdom of the United Nations entering into armistice negotiations at all. He said the UN should instead have fought to defeat the Communists and take all of Korea. “I am in favor of using Chian-Kai-shek’s Nationalist troops against the Reds on the mainland.” The Admiral said. Cooke came here last Friday to look over his Sonoma ranch. He flew back to Formosa Wednesday night.

Oroville Mercury Register
August 11, 1951
News From Oroville Men In The Service

Three more Oroville youths left this week to report in San Diego for training in Uncle Sam’s navy. The boys are Bob Andoe, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Andoe of Elgin Street; Bill Edwards, whose parents are Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Edwards of Fort Wayne Street and Dan Long, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Long of Thermalito. The three were students at Oroville High School. Dan Long is the third brother of the family to join the navy. T. J. Long Jr. was in the service during World War II and Bill entered the service in May.

Stu’ Notes: I have known David since I was about 12 years old, but I hardly ever saw him. Like me he was a Thermalito kid. At 12 years old I acquired my brother Larry’s hand me down shot gun, a single shot 20 gauge, so every chance I got I went off hunting and fishing with David’s brother Gordon and Larry and sometimes Gordon’s brother Raymond. As I recall David, 3 years younger than me never went with us. Then years later I heard David joined the Army and I never saw him for about 40 years. That is when David moved back to Oroville, Oh, I heard about David through those years that he ended up in Germany, raised a family and served his country for a long time. The above story is just a small part of what he did over there. He had some pretty scary experiences. And like most of Service men and women we can be pretty proud of what they did. More on David’s sometimes harrowing experiences in the future. I’ve written a little about two of the three men above but not Bill Edwards. Wow what a prediction by Admiral Charles Cook. Now we are staring the Atom Bomb in the face. Indo-China, most Americans back in 1951 never knew where that was, now we all know that included in Indo China is Vietnam.