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April 12, 2013
Oroville Mercury Register
June 18, 1946
Second Death In Plane Is Confirmed Biggs

Biggs - Word received in Biggs Thursday by Mrs. D. D. Ramsdell that her brother 1st Lt. Adolph Del Pero of Marysville, was missing in action at Guam on June 11, was confirmed here later in the week. He was with the Third Photo Reconnaissance Squadron in a B-29 routine flight between Guam and Wake Island when the crash occurred. Lieut.. Del Pero was an only brother of Mrs. Ramsdell of Biggs and leaves a wife, Jeanette and nine year old daughter, Denise, of Marysville. His mother, Mrs. Alba Del Pero resides in Yuba City. This is the same plane in which Lt. Drew Smith, husband of Miss Harriet Hills, was killed. Mrs. Smith is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hills of Oroville.

Oroville Mercury Register
February 19, 1946
Boggs Group Discusses Plans For World War Two Memorial

Biggs - Committee members from the Biggs Community Club, Women’s Club and Junior Women’s club met with Supervisor J. E. Frazier and Godfrey Bangs of San Francisco, architect for Butte County Thursday at the office of the Brick Warehouse in Biggs and discussed plans for a World War II Memorial for which an allocation of $25,000 has already been made by the county. Discussion of the type of Memorial, location and approximate costs marked the beginning of a series of meetings, expected ultimately to crystallize into definite action. Bangs expects to meet with the committee again in ten days or two weeks with some ideas and suggestions as to what may be accomplished. Those in attendance were: Frazier, Bangs, C. H. Johnson, H. S. Brink, Jr., S. M. Petersons, L. E. Reynolds, G. L. Beilby, Norman Benison, Betty Couch and Mrs. M. Doty.

Hold Lincoln Program
The Woman’s Club of Biggs held another of its interesting meetings under the Federation Departmental head of History and Landmarks on Wednesday, February 13. The date coming between Lincoln’s Birthday and St. Valentine’s, gave the opportunity for a program in honor of our beloved president, Abraham Lincoln, of the Civil War period, who will stand forever as the symbol of the unity of the nation. In the estate bound together by bands of steel, he still lives. Again the immortal words of Gettysburg were heard. The decorations of the Club rooms and refreshment table were carried out on Valentine motif. Mrs. Albea Brink, program chairman, with a brief biographical sketch as a remainder of Lincoln’s early life and career, presented the following: Mrs. Frank H. Thomas, poem “Lincoln, the Man of the People,” by Edwin Markham; Mrs. R. C. Gotthold, reading, “the Perfect Tribute,” by Mary Raymond Andrews; Mrs. A. L. Harry, anecdote, “Lincoln’s Memory”: Mrs. R. H. Strong anecdote, “Day By Day”; Miss Mary Dixon, poem, “Abe Lincoln,’ by Edgar Guest. A song, “O’ Susanna” of Lincoln’s day was sung by the club members at the opening of the meeting, and during the refreshment hour Miss Jeanie Ryman sang two lovely songs, accompanied at the piano by Mrs. R. C. Gotthold.
(Stu - I hope Biggs people read the above.)

Oroville Mercury Register
November 4, 1943
“Take Him And Welcome”

Washington 0 (U.P.) – A Poinsett County, Ark., father of seven children who “ain’t done nothing but raise hell and drink lemon essence” for eight years is toting a gun in the army today. If he wonders why, he should have someone read the letter his wife wrote to his draft board and which is printed in the current issue of the Selective Service bulletin. It said: “Dear United States Army: My husband asked me to write a recommend that he supports his family. He cannot read, so don’t tell him. Just take him. He ain’t no good to me. He ain’t done nothing but raise hell and drink lemon essence since I married him eight years ago, and I got to feed seven kids of his. Maybe you can get him to carry a gun. He’s good on squirrels and eating. Take him and welcome. I need the grub and his bed for the kids. Don’t tell him this, but just take him and send him as far as you can.” The army took him after he tried to prove a bona fide family relationship by presenting the letter to his draft board. (Stu-Yea!)

Stu’s Notes:
I, of all people, should know something about the Biggs World War II Memorial. I must admit I’ve never been there, but I will get there soon, rain or shine. $25,000 was a lot of money back then about $250,000 or more in today’s money. Since Abe Lincoln is my favorite President, I am very proud of the Biggs People to think so highly of him. Some in Northern California were not so kind to President Lincoln. I talked to a Civil War re-enactor from Sacramento who told me he was representing a Sacramento Calvary Group that, when Lincoln died, had to ride out to a Northern California town to arrest a group there that was celebrating his death. I have also read of this. Adolph Del Pero is listed on the Yuba County Veterans Memorial that was built around the year 2000. At about the time ours started. Our Committee Member Philip Sciortino did their Bronze work. I’ve read of Pvt. Drew Smith, husband of Oroville’s Harriet Hills, but have not confirmed if he ever lived here in Butte County. If he did, he would go on our Memorial.