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March 15, 2013
Oroville Mercury-Register
November 21, 1952
Looking Back 10 Years Ago (1942)

The lack of tires officially came to the attention of the council last night. Street Sup. Ed Shreve asked the board to consider passing regulations prohibiting driving of automobiles without tires on Oroville Streets. Shreve said that this custom has been increasing since tire rationing. When a motorist has a flat now, he removes the tire and proceeds on the rim which cuts the oil paving severely… Oroville Municipal Airport is leased to the United States government for military purposes under a resolution adopted by the city council Friday night. The federal government may make improvements and additions to the field at any time but any use of the airport for commercial or non-military purposes must be with the consent of the city of Oroville. The lease was approved upon motion of Councilman Karkmeyer, seconded by Councilman Walsh.

Oroville Mercury-Register
November 21, 1952
Bad News, Gals’ Not Enough Men To Go Around

Chicago (UP) – Lady, if you can’t find a man, cheer up. You are not alone. There definitely is a shortage of men, and American Medical Assn. Journal editorial said today. And the situation will get worse. The Journal said that if it had not been for the war deaths in World War II the present excess of American women over men would be about one-third of a million less. Other factors contributing to the scarcity off men, the editorial said, is the high death rate in males and the entrance of more female immigrants into this country. The 1950 census showed there were 1,430,000 more women than men in the United States. The greatest difference occurs in the age groups over 45 years, where women outnumber men 1,000 to 956, the Journal said. The ratio of the two sexes at birth has been stable from year to year, it said about 1,055 men to 1,000 women. But the ratio of deaths in men has been increasing. In 1930, this ratio was 1,210 deaths in men per 1,000 women; in 1951 it was 1,333 men to 1,000 women. A net gain of 181,500 women over men occurred by migration during the five years immediately following World War II, according to the article. And more men than women have been leaving the country.

Oroville Mercury-Register
November 21, 1952
U. S. Agrees To Compromise In Truce Plan
By Bruce W. Munn, United Nations
N. Y. (UP) The United States and Britain were in agreement today on modifications to make India’s compromise Korean peace plan acceptable to the West. The modifications were put forward in the United Nations main political committee yesterday by Britain’s Anthony Eden and quickly endorsed informally by American sources. But there were no indications that V. K. Krishna Menon, the Indian who sponsored the compromise originally, would accept amendments. And while there were indications the Communist bloc might vote for the compromise plan as it now stands, many observers considered it likely the Soviet group would reject it if the General Assembly decided to amend the original proposal. The gist of the Indian plan was this: A commission comprising Poland, Czechoslovakia, Sweden and Switzerland – with another power “umpiring” deadlocks – would free Korean war prisoners in demilitarized zones. Those desiring repatriation would get it. Those resisting it would be sheltered and fed for 90 days, where after their fate would be decided by a top-level Far Eastern political conference provided for in the tentative agreement reached at Panmunjom.

Stu’s Notes:
Well 400,000 plus young men died in WWII and with all those other reason’s I guess a woman was lucky to find a man back then. Maybe that is when the term “It’s a Man’s World” was coined. On and On the Peace Talks went, it seems the main stumbling block was what to do with Prisoners of war, POW’s. Many of the prisoners we had did not want to go home. Should we force them? The Communist said yes. A very few Americans held by the communist said they wanted to stay and become Communist. I think less than 30 or so.

Well finally the Korean War ended with an Armistice, July 27, 1953. Just this last week Dennis Rodman’s friend, the leader of North Korea declared the Armistice null and void or something like that, so I guess they are at War with us again. So my friend Sam Bebout and fellow Oroville Veterans Memorial Park Committee members, I guess you’ll have to go back over and finish the job you thought you had finished long ago. Well maybe not. Sam you have to help here to get our Memorial done.

Please remember The Men’s Auxiliary of the 1747 VFW is cooking a St. Patrick’s Day Dinner, Sunday, March 17th at 1:00Pm at the VFW Canteen 1901 Elgin Street, all you can eat and Raffle. Proceeds from dinner to benefit the Men’s Auxiliary VFW 1747

“Caesar, Beware today, tis the Ides of March”. “Et tu Brute’”