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January 18, 2013
Oroville Mercury Register
February 23, 1952
News From Oroville Men In The Service

PFC James A Wheeler, son of Mr. and Mrs. James P. Wheeler, Gridley, is on duty with the battle-toughened 1st Cavalry Division on Hokkaido, the northernmost of the Japanese home Islands. The Division was recently transferred to Japan following 17 months of frontline duty in Korea. Members of the division are now setting up defensive positions and learning to fight on skis and snowshoes in the mountainous terrain. Wheeler, a rifleman in Company F of the 7th Cavalry Regiment, had been in Korea since August 28, 1951. He wears the Korean Service Ribbon with one campaign star. (Stu-A longtime to be in Combat.)

Marine Cpl. Jack Henderson, wounded in the right hand, abdomen and one leg by shrapnel Feb. 7 while fighting on the eastern front in Korea, expects to be home in a month or two. In a letter to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Henderson of Feather Portals, written by a hospital corpsman Feb. 13, Henderson said he was on the Hospital Ship U.S.S. Haven at Pusan, Korea, but that he expected to be sent to Yokosuka, Japan, and then back to the states. Henderson said he was getting along fine and enjoying himself and having a good rest, and that he was in no pain. He was hit by shrapnel from a 120 mm. Chinese mortar while he and several other Marines were carrying serum to a wounded soldier in a bunker.

Pfc. Robert C. Holt, husband of Mrs. Ina Mae Holt, El Noble Avenue, Oroville, has been assigned to the 24th Aircraft Repair Squadron, 6208th Depot Wing on Clark Air Force Base, located 60 miles north of Manila. Newly arrived on the Philippine base, Private Holt joined the U.S. Air Force in May 1951. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John P. Holt of Sacramento. Mrs. Holt is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Denney, of Oroville. Oroville Mercury Register February 23, 1952

Undergoing recruit training at the U. S. Naval Training Center, San Diego, are two Oroville area seaman recruits, USN, Marvin L. Pugh, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Pugh of Palermo, and Harry J. Good, husband of Mrs. Gwen L. Good of Oroville.

Oroville Mercury Register
February 23, 1952
Declare War Or Bring GIs Home, Solon Demands

Washington (UP)- Chairman Graham A. Barden of the House Education and Labor committee demanded yesterday that Congress either “declare war on somebody” or bring home our troops from Korea. “it is our responsibility and we should no longer shirk it,” the North Carolina Democrat asserted in the House. Most Republican members applauded. Most Democrats sat silent. Barden made the demand in urging defeat of a proposed universal military training bill. All men at age 18 would be called for six months basic military training, to be followed by 7 ½ years in the reserves. As for UMT, Barden said Americans are “bitterly opposed” to it as a further invasion of the individual freedom that made this country great. He urged Congress to bury UMT “without benefit of clergy and without even marking the spot.” Reps. Paul W. Shafter (R-Mich) and O. K. Armstrong (R. Mo.) joined in the assault on UMT as House debate continued into its second day. Shafer said Gen Douglas MacArthur opposes UMT. Armstrong said UMT is “as out of date as a policeman equipped with bows and arrows.” Sen. Robert A. Taft (R-).) told reporters, meanwhile, that he would like to see UMT “postponed for about three years, at least for the present.” “I’d like to see Army leaders come in some time and say, ‘you give us UMT and we’ll give up five or six divisions’,” Taft added. “you just can’t get them to say that.”

Stu’s Notes:
I received a phone call from one of my readers last week, which always makes my day. Her name is Thelma Brashers of Oroville and has read the Mercury for over 70 years, my kind of lady. Well thinking about it I guess I’ve been reading the mercury over 55 years. Anyone out there for over 73 years. Anyway she was so glad that I had written about her brother Clayton (Jack) Morris, being in the Merchant Marines in 1943. Thelma went on to tell me she had three brothers, a husband and two sons and a grandson that served our country in four wars. What more could our Country ask of a family. She said she would send my article to her son in South Carolina, hopefully to get more of this patriotic family story.
On January 15, 2013 I got a call from Jack M. Bandy, he read my article about Glen Clapp of Gridley. Jack served on the U.S.S. Helena with Glen. Also his brother was on that ship, Harry “Bud” Bandy. The Bandy Brothers grew up in Yuba City. Jack now lives in Larches Kettle Falls, Washington. The first time I’ve heard of UMT. I think Israel has it. I’ve written before of Jack Henderson, I guess he didn’t get that “Million Dollar Wound”. Or he went home and then back to Korea as last April 2012 I wrote an article and Jack was still in Korea as of Dec. 7, 1954. That article led be to meet Jack, who lives in Oroville. Hope to hear from him again.