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September 28, 2012

Oroville Mercury Register
February 5, 1942
“Some Gave All”
Lake Tahoe Air Wreckage Found Tahoe City, Calif.
–(U.P.) The bodies of aviation cadets John Edward Martin, 25, Minneapolis, Minn., and Albert Mason, 23, New Orleans, La. Recovered from their plane at the bottom of Lake Tahoe, were returned today to Mather Field, Sacramento. The youth died when their advanced training plane lost a wing and crashed into 60 feet of water near Zephyr Cove. A salvage party under command of Lieut. L. G. Heston, raised the wreckage late yesterday.

Oroville Mercury Register
February 5, 1942
Mitchell Stationed In Defense Region

Highway Patrolman L. B. Mitchell has been transferred to Lompoc, Santa Barbara county, for thirty days because of the shortage of highway patrolmen there. Capt G. C. Mitchell said Wednesday. Many patrolmen from rural areas are being given temporary assignments to defense areas.
Oroville Mercury Register February 5, 1942 Guardsmen Leave Chico- An undisclosed number of active Chico state guardsmen left Tuesday for duty at an unknown place, it was learned today.
Oroville Mercury Register February 5, 1942 Soroptimist Here Letter From Sister Club In England A letter from the Soroptimist Club at Hudders Field, England. Acknowledging gifts of chocolate and tea and a letter of sympathy because of war conditions was read Tuesday at a noon meeting of the Soroptimist Club at the Oroville Inn. The British Club also sent a copy of their Soroptimist magazine to the local group. The budget for the year was presented and accepted. Much time was spent in discussing ways in which the club could improve conditions for the soldiers sent here to guard the Feather River canyon. No definite decision was made. A Valentine party is scheduled for Feb.10. Each member is to make a Valentine and is to be fined if she buys one. Mrs. Allan Risdon will talk on “Music of South America” at the Feb. 17 meeting.

Oroville Mercury Register
February 5, 1942
Editorial by Dan Bebee

We Help the Weak Can anyone imagine any Axis country pausing in the midst of an all out war effort to finance a humanity drive such as our March of Dimes? The theory of the dictators, who sacrifice everything to their dream of world domination, is that only the fittest individuals should survive. They believe in letting the weak perish, so that the fit may not be burdened by them. A child who has been stricken by infantile paralysis, according to the Hitler theory, is better dead than alive, and the state profits by its death. But we pause in a struggle for our existence to give this child a helping hand. Nature operates along the theory of survival of the fittest. There is no organization in nature to nurse the wounded deer. And it is true that as a result of that method of elimination fit animals survive to perpetuate the species. The human race, however, has striven to advance a few notches above the animals. If the race can survive with such enlightened practices as we use, then we shall be farther removed from the brute than otherwise.

Stu’s Notes: Two young brave men so far from home, flying up in hostile country, no not enemy country, but that area is well known for taking the lives of Airmen, Military and Civilian, they don’t fit the guidelines to go on our main Memorial, but that’s not to say they can’t be honored on our tile wall, they can. All they need is a sponsor. Mechanical problems did kill a lot of young men in training and in the war. A young Cadet died Flying over Chico when the wing fell off.

Four little lines of print and the Chico Guardsmen go off to War; maybe I can find more in the Chico papers. I don’t know if these men are part of the group from Chico that lost 12 men in the Pacific Theater but Daryl and I will to our best to find out. Most service clubs of Oroville did there best to help the service men and women throughout the war, if you know more than I know about what your club did let me know. Ester Risdon, Mrs. To me was a most wonderful Lady.

Cadets- from all I’ve read in the past two cadets usually didn’t fly together, especially in an advanced training plane. Dan Bebee is right although in some cases a mother animal will protect its young better then some humans. Well I have been going to meetings for the planning of our 14th annual Veteran’s Day Parade, of course this year it is on Sunday, November 11, but don’t worry God is also down on Montgomery street. So come on down.