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August 31, 2012

Oroville Mercury Register
December 15, 1953
News From Butte County Servicemen

X Corps, Korea-Pvt. Melvin L. Moss, 20, whose wife, Clarena, lives in Biggs, recently arrived in Korea for duty with the 4th Signal Battalion, a unit of X Corps. The corps, one of three in Korea coordinates the intensive post-truce training and reconditioning of UN units under its control. Private Moss, a pole lineman in the battalion’s Company B, entered the Army last March and completed basic training at Camp San Luis Obispo, California.

Men In Service
Carl McLemore, son of Mrs. Hester McLemore of West A street, arrived Thursday at San Diego to begin his basic training in the Navy. He is with Company 357. McLemore attended the Oroville Union High School, is a former Mercury carrier boy, and was employed by the Western Pacific at the time he entered the Service.

Kokura, Japan-PFC Donald C. Collette, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Walters, Oroville, Calif., recently spent a seven-day rest and recuperation leave in Kokura, Japan. Normally stationed in Korea with the 8219th Army Unit Topographic and Meteorological Detachment, Collette stayed at one of Japan’s best resort hotels and enjoyed many luxuries unobtainable in the war-torn peninsula

Oroville Mercury Register
December 17, 1954

An add “Morris Taylor and His Sierra Melody Gang will be at Rhoades Union Service Saturday, Dec.19 2:00 P.M. 3110 Palermo Rd. Phone 154-M

Stu’s Notes: Who would think that somebody would steal a Veterans Service Flag. The blue star flag.. What would be their purpose, if they would use it to honor a veteran they knew and he found out they stole the flag. I am sure that soldier would disown that person. Well since we started flying the service flag around town two have be stolen from our white flag pole at the Veterans Memorial Hall on Montgomery Street. They cost $50 a piece a small price but what they represent (Our men and women serving our country) is priceless. If something is priceless is that not a felony? Any way they will not win, we will fly that Flag on that pole again, without a rope attached, thank you Oroville Police for taking my report. So if any one reading this and you know where the missing flags are please call the police. Thank you, Eagles, Ford Sales Lot and the rental storage lot on 4th and Nelson, for flying the flags. If any one wants to buy one of these flags, call me. Thank you, Sgt. Martin, Oroville National Guard for putting one up inside the Armory. The Oroville troops that are over there know we are flying the flag in their honor them.
Between the two Motorcycle events we will have a much different event. POW/MIA Recognition Day Ceremony on the steps of the Veterans Memorial Building on Montgomery Street. It will begin at 7pm with a welcome and the Missing man table ceremony and end with a candle light recognition.

We have three events coming up. This Saturday, September 1st “Veterans Memorial Park fundraiser, Scavenger Hunt Biker Style , Saturday, September 1. Registration begins at 10am at Big Cat Custom Cycle, 1462 Myers Street. Back by 4:00p.m. At Centennial Plaza for BBQ, Music, Bike Games & Prizes. Saddle up, check off your photo list and help out our Veterans! For more information call 530-403-3948.” This is mostly being put on by Tina Kelley.
Then on Saturday September 22, 2012 come to the Veterans Park Motorcycle Rally at Feather Fall Casino, a Poker Run through the Sierra Foothills. Starts and ends at Feather Falls Casino in Oroville, 3 Alverda Drive. 7am-11am: Registration, Free Donuts, Coffee and T-Shirt (while Supplies last) $25 singles, $15 Passenger. 8:30 am Poker Run, 4PM-5PM; Awards, at Brewery Outside Entrance. For More information please contact James Townsend pjtownsend@att.net, 530-589-5748.

For years I’ve been wanting to do a story on Morris Taylor and his WWII experiences. I do know he was a graduate of Oroville High and comes to the Class Reunions put on by Faye Anglen. I have gone to some of these in the Past. They let me talk about the Memorial as they are of the WWII era. They are very interested in what we have accomplished. I’ve actually sat next to Morris Taylor at one of these reunions, but it is hard to get a good story under those circumstances. I do know he flew C47’s over the “Hump” taking supplies to China to fight the Japanese and anyone who flew under those horrendous conditions has many stories to tell. I also know he worked at Montgomery Wards when my Dad worked there in the late 40’s and then went into the world of music and has been entertaining people ever since and is still on TV and Radio.