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July 13, 2012

Oroville Mercury Register
Dec 15, 1958

Rites Set for Cecil Carter
Corporal Cecil M. Carter, 20, Berry Creek Marine who was killed in a helicopter crash near Niles, Calif., Dec. 9, will be buried with full military honors at Memorial Park Cemetery Tuesday afternoon. Services will begin at Scheer Memorial Chapel at 2 p.m., with Rev. Elton McPheters of Grace Baptist church and a chaplain from the 12th Naval District officiating, Military rites at the cemetery will follow with Marine Corps and Navy personnel participating. Corporal Carter, the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Carter, of Berry Creek, enlisted in the Marine Corps in January, 1957 following graduation from Oroville Union High School with the class of 1956 At Oroville High he was active in the auto club. In the Marine Corps, he complied an outstanding record. He was promoted to Private first class before the normal six months for promotion had elapsed along with five per cent of the outstanding graduates from recruit training. His rifle marksmanship, leadership ability, progress in training, attitude and conduct won him the Honor Man Award for his platoon on finishing recruit training.
Stu- Cecil’s Brother Doyle was in my OUHS class 1958

Oroville Mercury Register
Caption of Picture on Dec. 17, 1958.

Last Rites- The flag draped casket of Cpl Cecil M. Carter 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Carter of Berry Creek, who was killed in a Marine Corps Helicopter crash, Dec. 9, is carried to the veterans’ section of Memorial Park Cemetery by pallbearers from his unit. A Marine Corps honor guard lines the roadway, and Navy Chaplain Bruce Williams is seen leading the procession.(Stu- Cecil a true hero of our Country)

Oroville Mercury Register
June 6, 1942 Soldier Buttons
Washington-(U.P.)- The senate military affairs committee today approved a bill authorizing Secretary of War Stimson to design a service flag, badge, and lapel button for families who have a member in the armed service.

Oroville Mercury
Dec. 9, 1958 Caption of Picture
Newly Installed-to serve as officers of the Oroville chapter of Gold Star Mothers during the coming year are, from left, standing: Mmes. Irma Tieck, Chaplain; Mary Jensen, secretary, Mae Sampson, second vice president; Irene Rowe, banner bearer, Seated, Mmes, Carrey Gould, sergeant at arms: Mary Karr, president; Gertrude Morningstar, musician; Bertha King, treasurer, Not present when the picture was taken; Mary Campbell, first vice president; Mrs. Cleo Anderson, banner bearer; Mrs. Mable Stuart historian; and Maxing Brown, color guard. The recent installation ceremony was held jointly with the Chico chapter.

Stu’s Notes: I first read years ago of a story about a young soldier that died probably from Oroville but it was on the back of a complete picture of the Gold Star Mothers of 1959 which I ran again for my readers and I’m still hoping to get a road or a street or avenue or boulevard named in Oroville for Pvt. Melvin Rowe, who’s mother named above Irene Rowe, was given a street in Oroville (Rancho Golden) then it was abandoned before houses were built.. Anyway on the back of that Oroville Mercury Register picture was half a picture showing the Pallbearers (Marine) and Flag draped casket the name Mrs. William and the words Memorial Park. And below that was EY’S and Snow flakes maybe a Penny’s add and close to Christmas and someone had written 1959 on the back. A lot of clues but still no soldier’s name, being very busy at the time (what’s new about that) I put this information aside and went on with easier stories as time went by I kept running across that picture. As I don’t have time to go to the library I thought I’ll give all these clues to Joan Lee or Jan Bales, my trusted researchers, well the above story was soon found which I very busily set aside, well guess what, looking for something else I refound it and the above is it. (Is that a dangling participle?) Oh well so be it. Looking at old note’s I found that is was Jan Bales that solved the Mystery.

Thank you Jan, and the above pictures that led to all this came from Nancy Wilson who lost her brother Cpl. Everett “Cotton” Karr KIA in Korea October 16, 1951, his mother was Mary Karr listed in the above Gold Star Mothers picture caption.

Well I guess we can thank the Senate Military Affairs committee for the Blue Star Flags that we are flying in Oroville. In WWII it was mostly hung as a banner in homes of service men and women.. Well the first flag we put up at the Veterans Memorial Hall and was featured on the front page of this paper about a month or so ago sadly was stolen. Why? Who would want to Honor a Soldier with a stolen Flag. He is fighting for our free way of life, the thief is just that a thief. Oh well, we will win and that flag will still fly freely, look around town. Thank You Benny Brown’s Ford Dealership.