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December 14, 2012
Oroville Mercury Register
June 4, 1941
A Proclamation To the Citizens of Oroville:

Greetings” WHEREAS, thousands of our sons have been and are being called into the service of the United States Army, taken from the protection of home surroundings into living conditions that are strange to them, and in some cases are beset with dangers, particularly during their leisure hours,
and WHEREAS, this sacrifice they are making for our country calls upon us for any sacrifice we can make that will surround them with wholesome conditions,
and WHEREAS, the President of the United States has designed six service organizations under the name United Service Organizations to conduct a program designed to give our sons wholesome surroundings while off duty at camp, and has called upon the nation to subscribe nearly $11,000,000, of which Oroville and allied communities have been given a quota of $1,000 to support this program.

NOW THEREFORE, as Mayor of Oroville, I do proclaim the space of days starting today and continuing until July 1 during which time citizens of Oroville and allied communities will be asked to donate to this fund, and I urge them to do so willingly with their minds turned to the seriousness of the need, trusting that long before the space has expired, these communities will have subscribed their quota.

IN WITNESS OF THIS PROCLAMATION, I hereunto set my hand and cause the seal of the City of Oroville to be affixed this fourth day of June in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Forty-One. H.T. Sedgwick, Mayor of the City of Oroville.

Oroville Mercury Register
June 4, 1941
An Editorial By Dan L. Beebe, Editor and Publisher

This Cause Calls To All For Action No more worthy a cause presents itself to us today than that of the United Service Organization, authorized to conduct the program of recreation about the various army camps. So much depends on the success of this program that its importance cannot be exaggerated. On it depends what sort of boy comes back to us from the army. The time on duty cannot injure the boy. He has been examined carefully for his physical and mental fitness. The training he will receive can but be beneficial physically. He will learn through discipline that the individual owes much to his country. But when he goes off duty and hours begin to hang heavily on his hands, that is the time of danger. He will be thrown with boys of all sorts of training and no training at all, and from all kinds of environment. Boys from sheltered homes will be out where there is no shelter whatever-unless the USO program is a success. Some of the camps are located where there are no facilities whatever for wholesome entertainment. It is shocking to consider this. The USO, with the $11,000,000 it is to raise nationally this month, will supply personnel and equipment for buildings that will be put up by the government at these army camps. About these building will gather the wholesome influences that will approximate those influences some of the boys have left behind and will exceed in wholesomeness the influences to which many of them have been subjected up to this time. Oroville has been allotted the quota of $1,000, which is none too large for this community. It should be subscribed at once and with enthusiasm, and we know that it will be. Those who wish to volunteer their contributions before being seen can mail check to H. W. Douglass at the First National Bank.

Stu’s Notes:
As I just started to write “I’ll be Home For Christmas”, sung by Chet Atkins, came on the TV. When I hear that song I always think of the millions of Service men and women who don’t get to come home for many Christmases, many never. Through out American History, far flung wars so many missed so many Christmases. I don’t think we of Oroville have done much to honor the Service men and Women who have gone “Over There” since it all started in January 1991, I believe. Oh I must say many individuals have done a lot but I think it is time the whole community gets together and has a big home coming for all those that have come home in the last 20 years. By community I mean, Churches, Service Clubs, City and County Representatives etc. Individuals to do this the Community needs a leader that can organize all that want to get involved. We did this once in 1991, I think at the Municipal Auditorium and I remember a small event at the Barber Shop by Raley’s. I know a few groups have plans so let’s all get together. The Oroville National Guard are mostly all home from Afghanistan. See our “Welcome Home Oroville National Guard and All Veterans” banner over Montgomery Street by City Hall, Thank you City Hall.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.