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November 30, 2012
Oroville Mercury Register December 7, 1954
“Some Gave All”
Rights Tomorrow
- Funeral services for Airman Second Class William James (Bill) Liggett, who died in Korea Nov. 3, will be held at 2pm tomorrow in O’Hair’s Memorial Chapel in Klamath Falls, Ore. Airman Liggett was the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Liggett, former Richvale resident.

Oroville Mercury Register
September 9, 1950
Attention Draftees:
We want Pictures

The Mercury wants pictures of every man from the Oroville area who answers his nation’s call to military service. Men who are receiving notices from their draft board to report for duty are requested to visit the Mercury office prior to leaving so that they may be photographed. In addition, the Mercury welcomes pictures and information on those men who are already serving in the armed forces.( Stu; I don’t think women were ever drafted.)

Oroville Mercury Register
June 5, 1951
Orland Tea Honors 15 Girl Staters

Donna Rae Rannells, who has been chosen by the local American Legion Auxiliary as its representative at Girls State this year, was one of 15 past and present Girl Staters honored at a tea given in Orland last weekend. Attending with Miss Rannells, were her mother, Mrs. Earl Wilcox; Miss Helen Scheuermann, the Auxiliary’s representative at Girls State last year; Mrs. James Savercool, district second vice president and Mrs. William Magnuson, the Auxiliary’s Girls State chairman. The tea was given by the Legion Auxiliary’s Fourth District with Mrs. Agnes Walker of Williams in charge. Its purpose was to give this year’s Girl Staters a chance to talk with past Girl Staters and discuss the purpose of the annual get-together in Sacramento. A program was presented after which punch, cake and ice cream were served.

Stu’s Notes: I wrote a couple of weeks ago about attending an American Legion dinner to honor those high school students who attended Boy’s State and Girl’s State, here are a couple more reports that the students wrote:

My name is Dayna Sevier and I am the delegate from Las Plumas High School. My experience at girls state can be summed up in one word: Amazing. I learned how the government works from my own back yard to the streets of the Capital. I learned that things that are shown on TV are more that what they appear, especially when it comes to the people who make everything happen. At Girls State, I was one of those very important people behind the scenes. I helped make things work, along with so many equally hardworking girls who attended girls state with me. All the people who were given the honor to attend are the smartest, honest most deserving people I’ve ever met in my life. I will forever remember and cherish my time at Girls State. All the people, the memories and the experience will stay with me forever.
Thank you, Dayna Siever, Senior at Las Plumas.

My name is Niko Alino and I’m from Oroville High School. I’m one of four delegates sent by our local American Legion Post to attend Boy’s State, a week-long and statewide program for learning about politics, government, public speaking and law. The hands on learning experience led me to push myself harder than ever before and I gained a great wealth of knowledge. Apart from this, I met a number of like minded, motivated people. The experiences and friends I gained here will be sure to follow me for the rest of my life.

Well as I have many times in the past I picked up a piece of Newspaper dated Dec. 7, 1954 that had fallen behind Lynn’s desk. Of course Dec. 7, caught my eye then there was this little story you see above that’s all. Now comes the search who was this young man that died so long ago.

The Korea War was not really over, just a truce had been signed, 1 ½ years before. So back to the Cold War. Did this young man die of hostile action by the North Koreans, it did happen for years after the Truce. Did he die of an accident, did he ever live in Butte County. Boy could I use some more researchers. I’m thinking the same thing happens today, if a service man or women gets a story to the Mercury they will use it. Then in 10 years Lynn and I can use it as looking back. Notice Dan Beebe was looking for men though he did stories of women serving their country. Not as many women served back then as they do now.

I will be at the Pearl Harbor Memorial on the Butte County Fair Grounds on December 7 at 9:55 AM.