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November 23, 2012
Oroville Mercury Register
September 9, 1950
Air Force Calls Larson To Active Duty Monday
O-W Directors Appeal for Deferment

The board of directors of the Oroville-Wyandotte Irrigation District announced today that it was seeking a deferment for Manager Dean P. Larson who was called by the Air Force Thursday afternoon. Director David D. Updegraff speaking for the board, said that Larson’s deferment would be sought immediately on the ground that Larson is needed here for the health and welfare of the community. The directors met yesterday in special session and passed a resolution requesting the Air Force Deferment Board for Larson’s release. Larson was a captain in the Air Force. He was a specialist in radar navigation and bombardier. He served from January, 1941, until October 1945. In July of 1948, Mr. and Mrs. Larson came to Oroville and he was immediately employed as assistant to Manager James E. Alley of the O-W district. In March of this year, upon the resignation of Alley, Larson was named acting manager and in July he was made manager. Updegraff explained that the Villa Verona improvement district of which Larson is in direct charge, is only slightly better than one third complete and that the board considered Larson essential to the completion of this project. In addition, Horace Marlow, O-W secretary said there are a number of projects in various stages of planning under Larson’s direction that will provide cemented ditches and new pipe line installations. Larson’s order requires him to report at Hamilton Field in Marin County Monday at 10. a.m. Larson has been a member of the active reserve since his discharge and has been connected with a corollary unit in Mather Field, Sacramento. His orders stated that he was to report to Hamilton Field and then he would be transferred to Texas. The unit, Larson said, had not been activated but he had been called as an individual because of his experience as a radar man.

Stu’s Notes: I wrote a couple of weeks ago about attending a dinner to honor those high school students who attended Boy’s State and Girl’s State, here are a couple more reports that the students wrote; “ Las Plumas High School, My name is Bill Yang. My time at Boy’s State can be described in one word; awesome. The people here were all highly intelligent and talented, but very accepting as well. In less than one week, we formed a small government. In less than one week, we formed life time bonds. In less than one week, we learned and were accepted to be young leaders. Many of the people there were on a whole different level and the competition to be appointed or elected to be in a position was tough. However, even with all these difficulties, Boy’s State was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am extremely glad to have attended.” Sydney Ray Taverner, Gridley High School “As a proud Girls Stater, I can whole-heartedly vouch for the value of this experience. Not only for the depth and understanding not what a government does – but what a government is a variety of leaders, free thinkers, and intellectuals, united by their passion for shepherding the masses into a brighter future and representing the voices of every American citizen, but also for the amazing bonds and sincere friendships only possible through the making of bitter-sweet memories shared through the powerful experience that is Girls State. The American Legion has given us girls a wonderful present and a perfect and valuable investment.”

The Oroville Veterans Memorial Park for all of Butte County Committee has lost two of its members in the past two weeks, Scott W. Wirth, Scott was 55 years old who physically had a bad heart from birth, but a heart of Gold in his outlook on life. He was adopted as a baby by his grandfather Glenn Wirth. Glenn was in the Army Air Corp and was in the invasion of Normandy on D. Day.

Also we lost Ben Webb who attended many of our meetings. They both will be missed.

Many of those who fought in WWII like Dean Larson,, who served almost 5 years and had to serve again in Korea, I wonder if O-W succeeded in getting him exempt. I recently talked to my friend Art Wells, Survivor of Pearl Harbor, although the Pear Harbor Association has been disbanded, he tells me he will be at the Pearl Harbor Memorial, December 7th as he and I have been for years. It is open to the public and as far as we know the South Gate should be open as always. More on this next week. Boys and Girls State are one of the many things the American Legion and Auxiliary do for the community.

Thanks Booze Fighter’s for the recent Donation.