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September 2, 2011

A song by Jessica Rose Shaner;
“Salute for the Soldiers, Salute, Salute, Salute. Sing for the Soldiers, sing, sing, sing. Dance for the Soldiers dance, dance, dance. Stand up stand up stand up for the Soldiers.”
Dedicated to the Soldiers
Oroville Mercury Register
June 6, 1942
Japanese Fleet Withdraws; Losses Heavy
Enemy Defeated Decisively Off Midway Island
United States Forces Hit Several Japanese Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Admiral Reports; Americans In Control
By Frank Tremaine.

Oroville Mercury Register
June 6, 1942
Fish With Big Guns At Hawaii
Leslie Heimburger Writes He’s Trying For A Wild Hog
A new way to fish was recounted by Leslie Heimburger, son of Deputy Sheriff and Mrs. Leo Heimburger of Oroville, in a letter written from Hawaii to his parents here. Heimburger, who recently was appointed a corporal and had been made computer for the headquarters battery of heavy artillery to which he is attached, wrote that he’d like to come home and “do a little good hunting.” “Fishing is another matter,” he added. “When firing the big guns we use fuse delay, and after the firing is over the men go out in a boat and pick up fish. Boy, they have brought in some whoppers! Taste pretty good too. He said he had been endeavoring to shoot a wild hog. “Have found a spot where they hang out in the day time,” he related. “Just can’t seem to find them at home when I get there. A hog would taste pretty good roasted over an open fire pit.” He related in a previous letter that he had found a sick mongoose. He put a cookie near its nose and left the animal. Next day the mongoose was gone. So was the cookie.
Oroville Mercury Register
December 19, 1950
Oroville Airman Back After Duty in Japan

Travis Air Force Base, Calif. – Staff Sergeant James P. Loyd, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Franklin Loyd, Route 5, recently arrived at this 15th Air Force installation after a three months tour of Duty in Japan. S-Sgt. Loyd, who attended Lindsay, Okla. High school, was employed as an automobile mechanic in Oklahoma City before enlisting in the Air Force April 28, 1950. While at this Strategic Air Command base, S-Sgt. Loyd is assigned to the 4110th Quartermaster Supply Squadron. S-Sgt. Loyd is married and has two daughters Lyndean, 11, and Patricia Mae, 4 and three sons, James Donald, 9, Howard Eugene, 8, and Carl Raymond, 6. His wife and family make their home on Elgin Street, Oroville.

Oroville Mercury Register
December 19, 1950
Jerry Comer to Visit Family Here on Leave

Jerry Comer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Comer of Fifth Avenue, will be home Friday for a nine-day furlough, his parents said today. Jerry, who graduated from Oroville Union High School in 1948, entered the Navy training Aug. 31 at the San Diego Naval Base. He is well known here as a professional baseball player. His most recent Navy assignment was on Coronado Island where he was attached to the Navy Sea Bees in amphibious boat construction. Mrs. Comer said Jerry had accepted an offer of the Navy for further advanced training as a printer.

Stu’s Notes: Jessica is our 9 year old granddaughter, who is at our house nearly every day of her life, I have been writing of the Soldiers for over 9 years now so I’m not surprised about her song. She wrote it without any encouragement from us. Maybe someday she will expand it and add some music, who knows. I think by now when I use the word soldier my readers know I mean all the service men and women who serve our country. Jessica is the daughter of my son Ricky Shaner and Tammy Rose.
The Battle of Midway only 6 months after Pearl Harbor was a turning point in the Pacific war although there were 3 more years of hard terrible fighting. In my opinion the Battle of Midway could have went either way, the American and Japanese forces on that day, June 4th were just about equal. It boiled down to who found who first in that big Pacific Ocean around Midway it was a battle of Aircraft carriers, the bottom line is who had the most carriers left at the end of the day, won. Our brave and I say extremely brave men found the Japanese carriers first. There was extreme bravery on both sides that day, but I’m sure there was someone higher than any plane could fly that day looking over our men who were looking for the Japanese Fleet. Comer’s Print Shop helped us on numerous occasions. I’ve written before of Leslie Heimburger soon he was in the Fight, did he come home I don’t know.

Gregg Posner of the Oroville Exchange Club is looking for families off Fallen Heroes during the War on Terror, to honor at the 9-11 Ceremony at Centennial
Park from 2-4pm on Sunday, September 11, 2011. His e-mail is Gregg @ Posieco.com or you can call him at 201-747-8216. Other dates in September that are important to the Oroville Veterans Memorial Park Honoring all of Butte County are; September 16th the POW/MIA Recognition Day. And Saturday, September 17th the Motorcycle Poker Run sponsored by Feather Falls Casino.