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August 5, 2011

Oroville Mercury Register
May 3, 1943 
Horseshoe To Go Over Door of Bangor Post 
Maj. Underwood Dedicates Ground Observer Unit
The new ground observer post at Bangor was accepted for the 4th Fighter Command of the United States Army by Major G. V. Underwood of the San Francisco Air Defenses Wing Sunday  at the dedication ceremony held at the post.  Major Underwood designated a horseshoe, found in the first shovel full of dirt turned up when the post was built, as a good luck emblem to hang over the door of the structure.   Boy Scout Troop 30 raised the flag over the new building.  Cub Scout Alan Conger was in charge and color guards were Laury Conger, Delbert Hedges and Irving Nieland.  Joe Lucero led the assembly in the pledge of allegiance.  Al Walsh as master of ceremonies introduced the Army officers attending the dedication and others, including Earl Bevins, county director of Aircraft Warning service; Mrs. Geneva Lepper, area supervisor and Walter J. Sharkey, assistant area supervisor. Mrs. Lepper told of the different organizations and individuals instrumental in getting the post built. Outstanding in the program was a tribute to the flag given by Mrs. Arthurlena McPherrin of Sutter.  “One hundred hour” arm bands were presented by Lieut. C. T. Pillsbury to the following; H. B. Kell, Hiram Hobbs, Eldred Skelly Roy Farrington, Charles Swartsfager, Mrs. Swartsfager, Mrs. Daisy  Conger, Mrs. Ruth Jensen, William Baimbridge, Al Twitchell, William Reid and William Drone.  Drone, who is assistant chief observer, invited those present to inspect the post.  At the close of the ceremony a plane from the Chico Army Flying School circled over the post and then dived, zoomed and stunted in spectacular wind up for the celebration.   A no-host dinner was served to those who had assisted with the dedication program, following the services.

Oroville Mercury Register
May 3, 1943 
Our Women to be Slimmer As Results of Expected Rulings
Washington –UP)- The war production board probably will issue a new clothing order this week calling for slimmer feminine silhouettes, “cleaner lines” and  elimination of more frills. The new order, a revised L-85, is expected to reduce skirt widths slightly and will do away with exaggerated “peg tops,” drapes and other fabric-using devices.  It is understood that the order will control the “Body Basic”- a term which will include the regulation of the front, back and sleeves of the blouse, the skirt and belt, width and hipline.  Jackets probably will be permitted only in single breasted models and only with two pockets and not more than four flaps.  The whole effect of the new ones will be to make women’s clothes slimmer and more simple in design although it will not by and mean regiment women’s fashions nor change the competitive challenge in the fashion world.  Designs will still be varied, although all excess frills will be eliminated.

Stu’s Notes:  Again for the 3
rd time Feather Falls Casino is going to sponsor the Oroville Veterans Memorial Park for all of Butte County’s Poker Run, Motorcycles of course. Jim Townsend is the Chair of  the run.  Over the years we have had a wonderful bunch of Patriotic Motorcyclist come to this event.  It will take place September 17th at Feather Falls Casino.  Registration is at 7AM to 11 AM.   It will follow our POW/MIA Recognition Day on Friday, September 16th.  As usual we will have the very moving program on the steps of Oroville’s Veteran’s Memorial Hall on Montgomery Street.  If you have not attended this event before this is your chance to see the meaning of this day, first signed into being by President Ronald Reagan.

There will be a big event out at the Oroville
Airport headed up by Oroville’s Mike Howard, from 8AM to 4PM on Saturday, August 20th.  Go in the main gate on Chuck Yeager Way.  Some of the groups there will be the Oroville Fire Department, The Civil Air Patrol, Model A Club, The Oroville Air Corp, and Air craft from all over.  Also Free rides on Airplanes within time limits.  See AirportDayFlyIn.com.

About 50 years ago several streets in Oroville were named for soldiers who died in WWII.  Many people that live on those streets have no idea the importance of their streets name.  Now they will.  Tuesday night City Council Member Cheri Bunker presented a Proclamation of Gratitude to Mike Phulps, of Metal Works, the company that made and donated the Gold Stars to place on those streets signs.  A gold star is an indication that a Soldier has died.  During WWII families that lost a son would receive a Gold Star Flag to hang in their window.  The Gold Star Mothers Club was formed by Mothers who lost a son in battle.  Sadly more and more of these mothers have been created by our recent wars. It’s a club you would hope will die out.  Let’s pray someday it does.  Thank you, City Council for doing this for me.

On a lighter note, Stu met Lynn 40 years ago tonight at the Hard Hat!