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April 15, 2011

Oroville Mercury Register
August 23, 1967

County Servicemen

Gary L. Stafford
Marine Grad Private Gary L. Stafford, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Williard Stafford of Greenville Street, Oroville Calif., has graduated from eight weeks of recruit training at the San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Dept. He will now undergo about three weeks of individual combat training and then, after leave at home, will report to his first Marine Corps assignment.

Terrence R. Chapman
Marine First Lieutenant Terrence R. Chapman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon L. Chapman of Westwood Way, is at the Marine Corps Air Facility in Ky Ha, Vietnam with Marine Observation Squadron Six, a unit of the First Marine Aircraft Wing. His squadron is part of the Marine Corps air-ground team, utilizing the UH-1E “Huey” Helicopter on observation, medical evacuation and armed escort missions in support of U.S. and allied ground forces engaged in combat operations.

Stephen J. Lantz Jr.

Navy Reserve Ensign Stephen J. Lantz Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Lantz Sr. of Redding, and husband of the former Gale Davis of Fresno Ave., qualified for carrier landings aboard the USS Lexington while undergoing advanced flight training with Training Squadron-21 (VT-21), based at the Naval auxiliary Air Station, Kingsville, Tex. Flying the F9 “Cougar” jet, he will now receive training in all weather instrument flight, advanced air to air and air to ground weaponry, tactics and formation as well ad carrier operations. Upon completion of training with VT-21, he will be designated a Naval Aviator and receive his “Wings of Gold”.

Andrew D. Smith Jr
Army Specialist Four Andrew D. Smith Jr., 23, son of Mrs. Edith M. J. Smith, Pinecrest Road, has arrived at Pleiku, Vietnam, base camp of the 4th Infantry Division. Before being assigned to a specific unit, he received 50 hours of training with the 4th Replacement Detachment. Training included field sanitation, civil affairs, mine and booby trap familiarization, reconnaissance and ambush patrolling. His wife, Della, lives on 14th St., and his father, Andrew D. Smith, lives at North Sacramento.

Stephen Meith
Army Specialist Five Stephen J. Meith, 25, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Meith, Quincy Place, received the Good Conduct Medal July 8 at Ft. Carson, Colo., while assigned to the U. S. Army Hospital. Spec Meith received the award for exemplary conduct, efficiency and fidelity in active military service. A laboratory technician assigned to the Medical Company at the hospital, Spec. Meith entered the Army in July 1964. Spec. Meith is a 1959 graduate of Oroville Union High School. He received his B. S. degree in 1964 from Chico State College.

Stu’s Notes: Last Tuesday, April 12, 2011 is the 150th Anniversary, of the beginning, of the Civil War at Fort
Sumter. Over 600,000 men died. Shortly before the war almost all were citizens of the United States of America, it was truly a war of extended families fighting against each other, as we heard many times brother against brother. We have a few Union Soldiers honored in our Memorial Tile Wall. We hope to get more. Abraham Lincoln should and will be honored there as he as President was Commander in Chief of all Armed Forces on the Union Side. Jefferson Davis cannot be, as he succeeded from the United States. President Lincoln was truly troubled by the war but he knew he had to see it through. He knew that America should and would not be split in two. He gave the last few years of his life to that end. Murdered at 56, but you can tell by his photographs that the war took a terrible toll on his health. To me he is a hero among heroes.

A Great President died April 12, 1945, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, I truly believe he gave his life for America, dying while in office, can you imagine the terrible stress he went through as Commander in Chief sending so many young men to war and to die. He knew way before most Americans; the terrible consequences’ of America staying neutral and letting Hitler and others rule a big part of the World.

I just found a few more Oroville Mercury’s of the Vietnam era; sure could use help finding more on the Vietnam War. Joan Lee does so much for me; I hate to ask her for more. I know the Mercury of that war has hundreds if not thousands of stories like the ones above, Heroes all in my book.

I’m so happy we get a Space Shuttle on the West Coast. I thought we would never get one as through the years I’ve watched so many of our Country’s Historical artifacts and big war memorials go to the East Coast or Texas. Well we in California can be happy as we get the Endeavor; sadly all three of the others went to the East Coast leaving over 2000 miles of mid America Space Shuttle Free, just not right.

Well when we get done and we will, I think we of Butte
County will have a County Wide Veterans Memorial , Bar None.

Tax day next Monday, I really don’t mind paying my taxes I just wish there was not so much greed in America