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January 7, 2011

The Chico Enterprise Record
February 3, 1945
Lt. David Albrecht Killed in Action Over Germany
Lieutenant David F. Albrecht has been killed in action over Germany according to word received in Chico last night by his wife, Mrs. Patricia Albrecht, of Sycamore Street, Chico, Lt. Albrecht had been previously reported missing in action. His parents, Rev. and Mrs. Louis M. Albrecht live in Scribner, Nebraska. They received the telegram from the War Department and then notified his wife, the former Patricia Hendrix of Chico. A two months old daughter, Nancy Jean, also survives. Lt. Albrecht was a pilot and formerly stationed at Chico Army Air Field, prior to that he was a student of Doane University of civil engineering. He enlisted two months before graduation into the Army Air Forces. Twenty missions had been completed by the pilot when his plane, a B-17 was reported shot down only three members of the crew survived the crash and they are now prisoners of war in Germany. Lt. Albrecht had left instructions that if anything happened to him he wanted his wife to be notified by his parents. This was in consideration of her feelings and physical welfare and that of her then unborn daughter. Mrs. Albrecht lives with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Hendrix, in Chico.

Oroville Mercury Register
July 25, 1941
From the Editorial Page, Dan L. Beebe, Editor and Publisher, George Wangelin, City Editor
Japan, By its Move, Dares The U. S.
Japan has done the unexpected – has practically dared the United States to act. And there is every evidence that the U. S. will act in an economic way to make Japan’s Action unprofitable, even costly. Few thought that Japan would take dictation from Germany to the extent of embroiling itself with the U. S in the Pacific. Our administration thought there was a long chance that Japan would not move southward, and so, to help prevent such a move, kept on feeding oil to Japan so that it would not seem necessary to Japan to take the oil of the East Indies. Now we may expect a hard attitude on the part of the U. S. It probably will shut off oil to Japan, and if this is done there will be trouble, for Japan must have oil and the East Indies is the only other place where it can be obtained. We will not remain a mere spectator while that seizure is attempted. So the train of events that Japan has started may soon lead us into a real war. Having gone this far, Japan probably will go further. It appears clear that Japan has decided that if the U.S. must be antagonized the time to do it is now, before we reach our full strength and while we are facing both ways. Japan seemingly has decided to go on with her policy to control Asiatic waters. This would mean elimination of Britain there as well as the United States. If this analysis is correct, war is the only outcome, and that means war very soon.

Oroville Mercury Register
July 11, 1941
Mine Field Laid In Bay Waters
San Francisco – U.P. – The navy department revealed today it had laid a mine field at the entrance to San Francisco bay and had placed a submarine net inside the bay just west of Alcatraz island. Navy authorities declined to amplify the brief warning to mariners to “stay well clear” of the areas, but when questioned a week ago about the reported mine laying, declared they were “practice” implements.

Stu’s Notes: I’m assuming Young Hero, Lt. David F. Albrecht was sent to Chico Army Air Field for further advanced Pilot training, although I imagine that he went else ware for B-17 Flight Training and then off to War and died about 3 months before the War’s end. I would think he was in Chico only a short while, fell in love with a young Chico girl, got married, baby soon on the way and then gone. This scenario was repeated many times in America’s History of Wars. The price of our freedom is way more than money. It has come to be this way through out our History and will continue to be so way into the future, as there will always be people who want what they want by the sword.

Oroville Mercury owner and Editor Dan Beebe never cease’s to amaze me in his predictions. Why didn’t the Powers to be listen to these men? Did they not see “The writing on the Wall”? We should have been better prepared. It was well known that the Germans had already sunk two of our destroyers. The Japanese were harassing our ships in the South Pacific, before the war, I’ve been told.