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December 16, 2011

Oroville Mercury Register
November 30, 1948
“Some Gave All”
Body of Biggs Soldier Returned Gridley

The body of Dow Truman Anglen has been returned on the Dolphin Victory, it was announced today. He was killed Sept. 24, 1945, in the Pacific theatre at the age of 22. He was in the army. Funeral plans will be announced later by the Block Funeral Home. Dow T. Anglen, who was born in Arkansas, is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Anglen; three brothers, Ernest, Floyd and John Anglen, all of Biggs; three sisters, Mrs. Opal Hutchison and Mrs. Lois Patterson, both of Wheeler , Tex., and Mrs. Margaret Whaley of Biggs.

Oroville Mercury Register
June, 14, 1946
Gridleyan Wins British Medal

Sgt. Clarence E. Petrie, U. S. Marine Corps, of Gridley, has been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal by the British Government. Presentation of the decoration will take place at the British Consulate in San Francisco June 21. The medal won by Petrie was for heroism at the battle of Tarawa, Gilbert Islands on November 21, 1943. The citation reads in part; “On this day the Japanese were in possession of many strong pill boxes and dug outs on the beach that were causing heavy casualties among personnel attempting to gain the beach by wading through the shallow waters. “He, accompanied only by his platoon leader, assisted in attacking and destroying four of these positions…in face of heavy machine gun fire. By way of connecting trenches, a second pill box w as attacked and its occupants destroyed.” During the course of the assault the office with Petrie was seriously wounded, the citation continued, and without hesitation and at great risk of his life, Petrie dragged the lieutenant to safety. Petrie put out of commission three 25 calibre machine guns, two .33 calibre machine guns and one .20 calibre anti-boat gun. Dan L. Beebe of the Mercury received a formal invitation from the Hon. And Mrs. Cyril H. Cane, British consul general to attend the presentation ceremony.

Oroville Mercury Register
June 12, 1946
Reds Fire Over Yank Air Field

Vienna –(U.P)-Russian fighter planes engaged in target practice over the American air field at Tullin today, prompting vigorous protests by Gen. Mark W. Clark to Col. Gen. L. V. Kurasov, acting Soviet commander for Austria. Twice this morning Soviet fighters streaked over Tullin northwest of Vienna, firing at sleeve targets drawn by their own planes. One from the first squadron dived over the Tullin radio tower and fired at a red flag on the antenna according to soldiers who were nearby. Clark protested twice to the Russian. Kurasov said he knew nothing of the incidents, but would investigate at once. No American plane was in the air at the time, and no damage was reported.( Stu-Could this be one of the first Russian instances that started the Cold War?)

Oroville Mercury Register
June 12, 1946
Four Will Go To Boys’ State June 22 to 29

Local boys selected to represent Oroville district at California Boys State, to be held at Grant Union High School and Technical College, North Sacramento from June 22 to 29, inclusive are Gerald V. McAtee, sponsored by Oroville Post No.95, American Legion; Rufus C. Bean, Oroville Aerie 196, Eagles Lodge; Bill G. Dowty, Oroville Post No. 1747, Veterans of Foreign Wars; and Edward M. Stram, Oroville Lodge of Elks. Boys State is sponsored by the American Legion. Representatives are picked by the High School faculty, on the following basis; (1) honor, strength and stability of character; high standard of conduct; devotion to duty; and practice of clean speech. (2) Courage; bravery in the face of opposition and danger; grit to stand up for the right and do one’s duty. (3) Scholarship; scholastic attainment; evidence of industry and application in studies. (4) Leadership; ability to lead and to accomplish objectives through group action. (5) Character; highly developed moral qualities; moral excellence in high standards of intuition, decision and conduct. Only those boys who will be seniors in High School, during either semester, for the school year beginning in September, 1946 are eligible. Such boys will have at least a half year more in high school, and hence an opportunity to use much of what they learn in Boys State.

Stu’s Notes: I wonder, I’m always wondering, how the young Biggs soldier was killed. The war was over by Sept.24, 1945; some Japanese never gave up for a long time, could it have been a mine? Also, we hope to find more about his Rank, I believe a Serviceman or woman who died should be honored as to who they were, Pvt, Clp. Sgt., General, they all had a rank and I think it is important on a Memorial to say who a man was. Pvt. Sam Jones to me means he was a bit above the people at home including me. We all wonder ‘Could I do what Sgt. Clarence E. Petrie did? Rise above the call of duty to overwhelm the enemy like he did, to risk your life so bravely so that others may live and carry on the fight. Speaking of the Cold War, I think I did up above; our Memorial will have a Granite Stone to honor those of Butte County who died during that time. Seems we went from the Cold War to the Gulf War with the Korean War and the Vietnam War in between. Most existing Memorials throughout America do not have this; soon newer ones will. Almost 70 years later The American Legion Post 95 is still sending Boys to Boys State along with now sending Girls to Girls State.

Goodbye George Kelly old friend.