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November 18, 2011

Oroville Mercury Register
November 26, 1951
“Some Gave All”
Body of Oroville GI Arrives On Funeral Ship

The body of John A. Moseley, Oroville soldier killed in Korea, Sept.2 arrived in San Francisco today en route here for burial in Memorial Park. The young cavalry rifleman, a 1947 graduate of Oroville Union High School, was killed while on patrol behind enemy lines less that a month after arriving in Korea, and only six months after he was drafted into the army. His wife, Mrs. Ruth Moseley of Myers Street, said no members of the family went to San Francisco to meet the funeral ship, the Allegheny Victory, since they were informed by Army officials they would not be able to see the body. The Hamilton and Riley Funeral Chapel is making funeral arrangements. Mr. Moseley, a lifelong resident of the Oroville area, was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Moseley of Route 3. He also is survived by a sister, Mrs. Blanche Cole, and a brother, Dick, both of Oroville.

Oroville Mercury Register
November 26, 1951
Gridleyans Learn Son Wounded in Korea

that Cpl. Don Johnson was wounded while fighting in Korea has been received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Johnson of Gridley. From letters written by the soldier and the Red Cross, Johnson’s parents learned that he was wounded, in the spine and is now on the way to recovery. He expects to be sent to Japan and then to a hospital in San Francisco. The wound was incurred November 14 near Seoul. Johnson saw General Matthew Ridgeway when he visited his hospital on Thanksgiving Day.

Stu’s Notes: Here is what we promised last week. This is what four of the High School Students who attended Boys State and Girls State wrote about themselves; Clistie Acosta; I go to Las Plumas High School. I take AP English and have been involved in the FFA since my freshman year. I have served as chapter Reporter and am currently the secretary. (Stu noted of her speech that she had lots of fun learned a lot about Elections and would like to be a Business Major.) Maximilian Cordeiro, I attend Oroville High School, and participate in College Connections at Butte College. I play basketball and I run cross country for Oroville High School. I am in CSF, Physics Club and Gate.(Max is thinking about Politics as a career) Isaac Morelli, I attend Oroville High School and I am a captain on the Oroville High School Varsity football team. I also run track and have a 4.00.(Isaac thinks he might serve in our armed forces.) Christina Ferretti, I attend Oroville High School, but currently am taking classes at Butte College through the College Connections program. I have done track and cross country all my years of high school and am the Captain of my Cross Country Team. I am in Block-O, Interact and CSF. (Stu’s Note; on Christina, learned about how Government works, learned the Government is very complicated. Mr. Ferretti is her Grand father. She was a Finance Officer and thanked the American Legion Auxiliary for the opportunity to attend Girls State. Mr. Ferretti was one of my High School P/E/ Teachers. Everybody back then was Mr. or Mrs.)

I’ve been told it won’t happen again for a very long time. Well this was a very good 11-11-11 we had a great parade and as always 100’s of people came out of the wood work to put all the final pieces together, that it takes to make a great parade. “So many people behind the scenes, so many, many people in the Parade, Marching, riding, walking, new cars, old cars, very old cars, young soldiers, old soldiers, Heroes all. My friend Clem Brown, wearing his WWII Uniform riding with Lt. Col. Oran Roberts, the Grand Marshall, my daughter Staff Sgt, Deborah Shaner following, driving a National Guard Vehicle, same as she did all over Iraq in 2003-04. The Oroville’s National Guard Men and Women, soon to go “Over There”. Bob and Sherry Morehouse walking all the way handing out candy. Bob fought all over in the Pacific in the Navy in WWII. Lt. Col. Oran Roberts said he was so proud to be named Grand Marshall in his home town. And how about that Great Central-Ishi Hills Marching Band lead by Ron Wolcott. Usually the weather is good, this year it was perfect. Jim Mangus did a great job as M. C. at the viewing stand on the deck of Oroville Chamber of Commerce.

Great news we have started the 2nd phase of the Veterans Memorial Park, it is right on the edge of our beautiful river. But up high where I have never see flood water. Beside’s we have the Dam. This area is where the granite will be placed to honor the men and women of Butte County who lost their lives while in the service of our Country and also where the Granite Tile wall will be. A tile can be purchased for $60 to honor any man or woman that served in the Armed forces of the United States of America going back to the Revolutionary War.

John Moseley was a well known young Oroville man who was married shortly before he was sent off to war. Thank you Oroville’s American Legion and Auxiliary Post 95 for all you do for the Students of Oroville. When they have benefit dinners Breakfasts etc, thrown in a few extra dollars for that meal. Post Commander Ron Scharbor and Auxiliary President Sherry Morehouse.