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November 11, 2011

Oroville Mercury Register
April 2, 1942
Army Day Parade Here Next Monday
Oroville To Join Nation In Honoring Men Serving In Country’s Armed Forces

Organizations and citizens of Oroville will turn out next Monday to honor those serving in the nation’s armed forces. An Army Day parade will be held at 7 pm., with Roy Gault as chairman of arrangements, it was announced Wednesday by Mayor Sedgwick, who called upon all residents to join in observance of the day. The mayor issued the following proclamation: “The United States government by resolution and the President of the United States and the Governor of California by proclamation have designated April 6 as Army Day.

“In this first year of our war with aggressor nations which would subject peaceful nations to their lawless domination and barbarous brutalities, destroy democracy and enslave mankind to military dictatorship, it is important in our war effort that we manifest full support of our armed forces.
“It is appropriate that suitable demonstrations be arranged throughout California to indicate to those of our citizens who have been called to the colors our sincere gratitude and confidence.
“It is particularly desirable that those civilian organizations, which are in effect auxiliary branches of the armed forces, arrange programs to demonstrate the effectiveness of their several types of endeavor for the inspection of the general public.

Therefore, I, Harold T. Sedgwick mayor of Oroville, do hereby proclaim Monday, April 6, 1942, as Army Day, and call upon all civic and patriotic bodies within the city to take part, and wherever possible to demonstrate the purpose, determination and unity of our people to overwhelm tyranny.”
From Stu’s Archives, 7 years ago November 19, 2004 Stu’s notes: We had a very good Veterans Day Parade. Jim Hollingsworth and committee are planning to make this event bigger and better every year. I would like to give a big thank you to all those involved. Jim Moll as usual did a wonderful job announcing the parade. He is a true Veterans Advocate. If you haven’t seen him at the Fourth of July concert you need to. Originally Veterans Day was called Armistice Day to honor the heroes and the ending of WWI. I just saw a feature on the History Channel about the ending of that war. The shooting was to stop at 11am on Nov. 11th, 1918. Everyone on both sides knew this. The Germans were well entrenched on there side and were sitting tight until that hour. Some British and American Generals decided on those last days that we needed more territory, one American General wanted to take a town so he could take a bath, (so the story goes) anyway attack we did and thousands or more on both sides died that last day. 6,000 dead and 18,000 wounded the last 3 days. The last to die was American Henry Gunther, KIA 10:59AM November 11, 1918. Then all along the front the guns fell silent. Later after Thousands of letters and inquiries from Mothers who lost their sons, those last days. Congress took action (well they gave it a half hearted attempt to lay the blame somewhere), General John Pershing , the American Commander was called to Washington as were others but when the smoke cleared after in-fighting from both sides of the aisle. Nothing was done, oh by the way no high-ranking officer was killed in those last days. And soon the needless lost of life was forgotten. But they will never be forgotten in Oroville."

Stu’s Notes: Army Day, April 6th, I looked on my 2011 Calendar and sure enough it’s still there. Although I don’t think we do much on that day any more. Maybe we should in light of what our Men and Women of our armed forces are doing. I especially like the words of Mayor Harold T. Sedgwick “it is important in our war effort that we manifest full support of our armed forces.”
Today at 11AM Oroville’s Veterans Day Parade will get under way. For about 3 months 4 dedicated men have been meeting every week to put it all together. Lead by Bob Hewitt, Bill Fox, Dean “Dino” Hill and who me. I think we have put together another great Parade and today, out of the wood work, will come the rest of the cast that puts together this great production, sponsored by the Exchange Club. We like to show the world that Oroville cares about its Heroes. Center stage this year is the California National Guard, lead by their State Chaplin, Col. Oran Roberts as the Grand Marshall. Most of Oroville Guard is at Camp Roberts as I write, but some will come home for the weekend to drive in our parade. The small contingent will represent a Band of American’s Heroes, The National Guards of America. Col. Roberts’s previous job was Superintendent of Oroville Union High School Dist. From what I have heard he has served his country well in the National Guard.
Jim Moll the “Voice of Oroville” is recuperating from recent surgery and we wish him well. This year a very patriotic man, Jim Mangus will be the M. C. of the parade from the Chamber of Commerce front deck.