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August 6, 2010

"Some Gave All”
Oroville Mercury Register
January 9, 1952
Bodies Of 3 Cadets Reach West
West Point, N.Y. – (U.P.)- The bodies of three of the 19 cadets killed in an Arizona plane crash were returned here today for burial. Officials at the U. S. Military Academy identified the three as Cadets Karl F. Glassbrenner Jr., Santa Ana, Calif.; Hugh R. Wilson, Tule Lake, Calif., and Maurice J. Mastelotto, Chico, Calif. The entire corps of cadets, consisting of approximately 2400 men headed by 1st Lt. Cadet Gordon Carpenter of Silver City, N. M., turned out in tribute to their dead comrades. Cadets lined both sides of the road leading up the long hill to Washington Hall and saluted the passing caissons carrying the bodies.

Oroville Mercury Register
November 7, 1945
Headline “Will Pull Out Of North China”- Gen. Wedemeyer
Withdrawal May Start In Ten Days
Denies Charges Made By the Communists

by George Wang
Chungking-(U.P.) – Lt. General Wedemeyer told correspondents in Peiping today that American forces may begin evacuation of North China by mid-November. Wedemeyer, U. S. commander for the China theater, said American forces would withdraw from North China as soon as their mission is accomplished. The withdrawal, he said may start within 19 days. Wedemeyer categorically denied Communist charges that American forces had aided Chinese nationalists in actual fighting against the Communist troops. He stressed that American forces will not become involved in any China civil war. “Don’t interfere”

Oroville Mercury Register
January 10, 1952
News from Oroville Men In The Service
Off To Florida for training in the Navy’s electrician school is Charles Rogers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rogers of Chico Road. Rogers, a 1951 graduate of Oroville Union High School enlisted in the Navy Sept. 27. He returned to duty last week after spending a 12-day leave here with his parents.

Donald O. Caldwell, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Caldwell of Pomona Avenue, is undergoing training with the Navy at Davisville, R. I., after enjoying a 10 day leave over the holidays here with his parents. Caldwell joined the navy June 27, 1951, and took his basic training at San Diego. He then was transferred into the Sea Bees and attended builder’s school at Port Hueneme, Venture County. He graduated from the school Dec. 31. He was graduated from Oroville Union High School with the class of 1951.

Two Oroville youths, John Forrest Sheehan, 19, and Paul Ronald Peterson, 18, have enlisted in the Marine Corps and are undergoing recruit training in San Diego, it was announced today by M/Sgt. Charles Wilson, local Marine recruiter. Peterson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wood Peterson of Tucker Lane. Sheehan is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Frank Sheehan of Route 3. Peterson is a graduate of Oroville Union High School and spent the past summer working in Alaska. Both will receive 10-day leaves at the conclusion of their eight-week training periods.

Enlists In May
Cecil Akin, of El Noble Street has enlisted in the United States Navy, Akin enlisted at the Navy’s Chico recruiting office Dec. 28.

Stu’s Notes: Last weeks story about 1
st Lt. John F. Knecht death while flying in formation over Camp Beale Army Base during practice, happened according to the crash report by Prop Wash from four P 38 Lightning’s. Not to far in front of them and flying at 1000 ft. when the planes in Lt. Knecht’s flight of four collided. There was not enough altitude to bail out. In fact one man who’s plane was going down attempted to bail out but saw the ground so close he managed to crash land. Sadly 1st Lt. Knecht’s P38 lost it’s tail and nosed right into the ground in front of all the soldiers that were watching.

In training our service men and women have to learn to be the best and with a World War on there is not enough time to always do it in a safe way. I just found the above story of young Maurice J. Mastelotto. Next week I will have more. The Orville Mercury Register Headlines; We’ll Pull Out Of North China, I think it was a big mistake, I think if we would have supported the Chinese Nationalists, more than we did, they might have won the control of China. President Truman thought otherwise and China went Communist, leading to wars in Korea and Vietnam
. But who’s to know, America in 1945 had just lost 400,000 men and many more terrible wounded. This had to weigh heavy on the President’s mind. but what if?

My Grandma Betty Mills, was a friend of Charlie Roger’s mother. Charlie was a Barber for a while, before he became involved in metal work.