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July 9, 2010

Oroville Mercury
December 28, 1950
Military Career Planned By Biggs Serviceman

Sgt. Delbert McClure, son of Mrs. Ida McClure, of Biggs, is now stationed at an air field near Fairbanks, Alaska. He was graduated from high school in Chico, and joined the Army in April, 1942. He served in the infantry in Okinawa, the East Indies and New Guinea. He was wounded in New Guinea and was sent to a hospital in Australia where he stayed for three months. He was discharged at that time, and re-enlisted again after being out of the service for about a year. He then was stationed in New Jersey where he studied cooking. He now has been a chef in Alaska about 10 months. He plans to make the Army his career.

Oroville Mercury July 5, 1951
(Picture caption)
New Officers - Being presented their gold bars commemorating their graduation as second lieutenants in the California National Guard at Camp Cooke last week are John R. Brown and Gerald G. Davis Brown, 21 of Wilcox avenue, and Davis, 22 of Old Quincy road are seen being congratulated by Col. James K. Bullock of Sacramento, commander of the 184th Infantry regiment, to which Oroville is attached. (California National Guard photo; Mercury engraving).

Oroville Mercury
December 28, 1950
South Korea City Given Up To Reds
Yanks withdraw to Imjin River; Air Force Hammers Reinforced Foe

By Earnest Hoberecht
TOKYO (Friday)-(UP)- The main body of U. S. 8th Army forces completed its withdrawal behind the Imjin river line 21 miles northwest of Seoul Thursday while Allied warplanes hit back at the Chinese Reds. The United Nations withdrawal abandoned the major South Korean border stronghold of Kaesong, and 8th Army spokesman announced. Kaesong is two miles south of the 38 parallel and 10 mile northwest of the Imjin.

Oroville Mercury
December 28, 1950
Auto Industry Fast Converting To War Work
Detroit – (UP) – More and more auto workers are becoming war workers as the motor industry hurried today to tool up for mounting war production orders. Two new war orders, including the largest ever issued for the spunky jeep of World War II, swelled to seven the number of automotive manufacturing firms working on war material. An eight automaker was negotiating to build cargo planes for the Air Force. One new order went to Willys-Overland Motors for the $63,000,000 worth of jeeps capable of operating under water. The improved version of the famed little vehicle of the last war will be produced in Toledo, O., where Willys- Overland already has handled smaller military contracts since the Korean War. Oldsmobile division of General Motors Corporation said it would produce 3.5-inch rockets for the Army’s new super-bazooka. They will be manufactured at an engine parts plant in Lansing, Mich. The Auto Industry’s military pulse quickened Tuesday when General Motors disclosed it was converting its Kansas City, Kan., assembly plant to production of F-84 Thunderjet fighter planes for the Air Force. Previously rush orders had gone out to Ford for B-26 engines, Cadillac for Light tanks, Chrysler for heavier armored vehicles, Buick for tank drives, and to Reo for Heavy trucks which can be operated under water. Chrysler intensified planning on its new tank plant at Newark, Del., yesterday by naming the works manager of its famed World War II tank arsenal at Detroit to operate it. He is Robert T. Keller son of Chrysler’s board chairman Keller will be general manager of the new arsenal.

Oroville Mercury
November 13, 1951
In Air Force
Miss Janet Wagner left the past week end for Tucson, Ariz., where she will be stationed with the Air Force, following a three-week visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wagner of Wyandotte. Miss Wagner, a private first class, joined the Air Force June 19, 1950, and had been stationed at Roslyn, N. Y., following her basic training at San Antonio, Tex. She is a 1950 graduate of Oroville Union High School. At Roslyn she was a teletype and publications clerk.

Stu’s Notes: You really have to admire a man who fought one war, is wounded and joins the army shortly before another war.

You might think you have a WWII Jeep, better check it might be a Korea War jeep. I wonder how long the car companies produced those tanks and planes as we know unlike WWII they still made cars, I had a 51 Ford and a 53 Chevy both made during the Korean War.

You have to Admire young girls joining the armed forces, true women served in different ways back to the revolutionary war but it was not as common as today. I remember when my daughter Debbie was at boot camp some marines were training near by she said those crazy marines not only train in the mud, they sleep in it.

A big thanks to Emmie Parks, Eagles state mother, JoAnn Grover State Madam President of the Eagles they raised 1,410.00 for the Veterans Memorial as JoAnn’s state project. A couple hundred more ladies like them and we can finish the project.