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May 14, 2010

Oroville Mercury Register
September 23, 1950

Thermalito Soldier Hit By Shrapnel While Taking Part In Pusan Defense
Hit by shrapnel in the Korean fighting Sept. 13, PFC. David L. Nichols, (WIA) 18, army machine gunner from Thermalito, is lying in a Tokyo hospital, awaiting possible transfer to the States. Nichols has written his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nichols of Sixth Street, between Nelson and Plumas avenues, that “it wasn’t too bad.” His letter arrived Friday shortly after a formal telegram from the adjutant general of the army advising Nichols’ parents that he had been slightly wounded in action in Korea, and informing them that he was hospitalized. Nichols said he was struck in the left hand with a lead slug, and that there was “a lot of shrapnel in his hand.” He was also hit in the right hand, cut on the nose, received a piece of steel in one eye, and was hit in the left leg. “I think they’re going to take me back to the States to get fixed up,” he wrote. “They said they would have to graft skin on my fingers.” Nichols said he was flown from Pusan, Korea, to an airbase in Tokyo, reaching the hospital within 48 hours after he was wounded. “They even have stateside passenger cars over here now to carry the wounded from Pusan to the airport,” he noted. Nichols, who enlisted in the army a year ago, was a third year student at Oroville high school when he went into the service.

Oroville Mercury Register September 8, 1944
In The Fight

Oroville Business Man Yeoman in U. S. Navy Robert N. Meier, yeoman 3/c, has been attached to the Navy’s pre-embarkation barracks at Treasure Island for the past 3 months. He was assigned to that station after completing 2 months training in the boot camp at Farragut, Ida. Meier, local insurance man, was a member of the last group of married men over 30 years of age with children to be called from Oroville to the armed services. He was inducted on March 27, 1944. During his absence, Meier’s business is being managed by his wife, Mrs. Jean Meier.

OMR December 13, 1950

Soldier on Leave Visits Home Here
Pvt. Donald Bradish, 18-year-old son of Mrs. Grace Bradish of Safford Street, left Oroville Sunday for Seattle, Wash., where he was scheduled to be sent overseas. Bradish spent a week’s furlough here enroute from Georgia to Seattle. In Georgia, Bradish had taken a four-month training course in clerical work. A brother, Frank Bradish, 21, is scheduled to enter the service within a short time.(Sadly his last visit home)

Oroville Mercury Register August 29, 1950
(Caption under picture) Buddies
Lawrence Kiefer, and Howard Hause, who attended Oroville high school together –fished together and perhaps fought together- are now on the way to fight side by side for Uncle Sam. They are enroute to Japan, according to word received by their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hause of Woodleaf Star Route, and Mrs. Charles Morris of Quincy Road. Kiefer’s father is Glenn Kiefer of Oroville. Following completion of basic training at Fort Ord, they recently spent two weeks at home where they were the incentives for parties and other entertaining by their friends.

Stu’s Notes: I grew up around Bobby and Carl Nichols. They lived by the little creek on 6th St. just down the street from the Stafford Kids, not far from the Burns’ kids. The Stafford’s were Micky, Orval, Leonard, Emma and Annabel. The older Brothers were in Korea, Charlie, Jackie and J. R. Mrs. Stafford was a most wonderful lady who watched over us all. The Burn’s were Diana and Joanie. We all played base ball in the cow pasture with cow patties as bases and usually, maybe 3 mitts for 8 or nine kids. We slid down a local hill on cardboard and gunny sacks. We made our own fun. Looking back I’m sure glad we didn’t have T.V. or all the other gadgets the kids have today. The older Nichols Brother was a Hero. The older Stafford’s were also heroes in Korea, type in Stafford to read their stories on our website. My close grammar school friend, Leonard, Hero of Vietnam, sadly passed away last year. Near the end of WWII our country was running out of young men so the older family men were called and they went to war. Many died, some from Oroville that I have written about. Two I remember are Elmer Ashley and Carl Mason Robertson. Also a sad note, when I typed Pvt. Bradish’s name into Daryl’s website, I found he was killed in action (KIA) and Lawrence Kiefer did get into heavy fighting and froze his feet in North Korea. If you type in Kiefer at the Orovilleveteransmemorialpark.org web site you can read more about him.