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February 12, 2010

Oroville Mercury
December 7, 1944
In the Fight Forbestown Man Helped Put Tanks Into Aachen
Pvt. Lewis A. Wyman of Forbestown was one of a T-2 giant tank crane crew that kept the American tanks moving to surprise the Germans northwest of Aachen. He and his teammates have been credited by the army with having aided in the fall of Aachen. Details of Forbestown man’s part in the battle for Germany have been sent by the 3rd Armored Division headquarters in Germany. Wyman’s crew followed the lead tanks until they were mired. In one instance a whole platoon was bogged down. But the Forbestown soldier and his comrades, working their T-2,, “a misshapen monstrosity which is a crane grafted to an old General Grant tank,” freed the armored vanguard and sent the attackers on. During much of the time, Wyman’s outfit was under German mortar fire.

Two Brothers Meet During Combat on Island Of Palau
Word has been received by Mrs. Oliver Keesler, of Pomona Avenue, of the recent meeting of her two brothers, Cpl. George Price and Technical Sgt. William Price, both of the Marine corps, on the Island of Palau. They met there during recent combat activities and were together for 19 days. Cpl. Price is a crewman in aviation. Sgt. Price is with an amphibious tractor battalion. Both are local boys and attended schools here.

Pvt. y With Outfit That Never Retreated
With the Fifth Army Italy-
Pvt. James H. Pevy of Oroville, is fighting in Italy with the 361st Infantry Regiment, which spearheaded the advance of Lieut. General Mark W. Clark’s Fifth Army from Velletri to the Arno River without having once given ground. The 361st is part of the 91st “Powder River” Division, recently in the Florence-Bologna drive. The regiment landed in Italy last May 31. Two days later it fought its first battle just north of Velletri. It was one of the units that took the Albano Hills and Lake Albano making possible the fall of Rome. Bypassing Rome, the regiment continued to advance north through battle after battle to its present north Italy sector. The Oroville soldier has served with his unit as a litter bearer.

Lt. Peterson Receives Distinguished Flying Cross

An Eight Air Force Fighter Station, England

First Lt. Roger S. Peterson, of Chico Calif., P-51 Mustang Pilot of the 20th Fighter group, has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement in Aerial combat. He is a rancher in civilian life. The California flier, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Peterson, live on Rt. 1, Chico, is a former resident of Gridley, where he was graduated from high school.

Stu’s Notes: Oroville, Gridley, Chico and Paradise, I would put up the Fighting Men of Butte
County against any Country of the world, just reading the above stories is proof of that. Well we are spending money big time now for much needed plans, drawing’s the whole 9 yards for our Veterans Memorial Park. I’m told that these plans will tell us everything we need to know. What goes where and how. Like “Stu tie those rebars right there and then over there and over there, Sam put that conduit there and there and there and yea over here too. And dump that fill dirt all over.” We are getting these plans and drawings from Land Image and North Star Engineering at a big discount. So soon after nine years of saving our bank account will be empty. I want to thank those few who gave so much so we could get this far. They have told me for 9 years when we get going the money will come.

Well, The Native Sons of the Golden West jumped to the occasion and put their good name on the line. I got a call from Glenn Hernandez, Co-Chair with Scott Kent Fowler about the set up for their Annual Dinner followed by an E-mail from Chris Robbins, Events Coordinator for the Oroville Area Chamber of Commerce, This is what they came up with; Native Sons of the Golden West Annual Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner, A fundraiser for the Oroville Veterans Memorial Park for All of Butte County. Join us for an evening of good food and good fun for a good cause. 100% of the profits will be donated to the Oroville
Veterans Memorial Park. March 16th, the doors and bar open at 5:30pm, with Dinner at 7:pm at the Oroville Southside Community Center, 2959 Lower Wyandotte Rd. The public is welcome. Tickets are $10 ($4 for kids 10 and under) and are available at the Oroville Area Chamber of Commerce, 1789 Montgomery Street, and at the event. Seating is limited, so get your tickets early. The event will also feature the Native Son’s Famous Dessert Table and Raffle. For more information call Scott Kent Fowler at 693-1267.