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December 3, 2010

Oroville Mercury Register
March 1, 1950
News From Oroville’s Servicemen
Three Thermalito brothers are serving in separate branches of the armed forces. They are Pvt. Richard Christensen, 18, of the Marine Corps Albert Christensen, 21, of the Air Force, and Pvt. Allen Christensen, 22, of the Army. The service men are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Christensen of Seventh street and Grand Avenue. Pvt. Richard (Dick) Christensen enlisted in the marines Feb 15 in Oroville and is now completing his boot camp training in San Diego. A senior in Oroville High School when he enlisted, he plans to obtain his high school diploma by completing his studies while in the service. Dick played two years on the varsity football team and was a member of the track team for two years at Oroville high school.

Albert (Bud) Christensen enlisted in the Air Corps Jan 4, 1951, and is now stationed at Walker Field, Roswell, N.M. He was in his first year at Yuba Junior College at the time of his enlistment. A 1950 gradate of Oroville high school, he played varsity football for two years, and was on the track team for four years. He is attending mechanics and maintenance school at Walker Field. Allen Christensen, who entered the army Dec. 18, 1950, recently completed six weeks of basic training at Camp Roberts. After eight additional weeks of preparation, he will be assigned to cadre training. He won a gold cup recently by making the highest marksmanship score in his company. Before going into the service he was brakeman on the Western Pacific. Previously he had attended Yuba Junior college for two years.

Sgt. First Class Paul Prosise, 27, army reservist stationed in Japan, and his brother, Pfc. Ted Prosise, 20, serving on the Korean war front, met Jan. 28 at a camp in Japan. The army men are sons of Mr. and Mr. Jess Prosise of Feather Falls. Ted Prosise, of Feather Falls, went into the army after graduating from Oroville high school last year. He drove the high school bus to Feather Falls temporarily before entering the army. His picture appeared in a November issue of a national magazine (Colliers) with a group of weary GI’s snatching a nap between fighting. He was wounded last October, when a tank hit a mine, and was hospitalized for five days. A piece of shrapnel lodged behind one ear. He has been in Korea since last June. Sgt. First Class Prosise, who was wounded during the fighting in Italy in World War II was called back into the army last Oct. 20. He went to Japan Dec. 20, 1950. The sergeant, who entered the service from Williamsville, Mo., is married. His wife, Pauline, and a daughter, Dabaray, live in Williamsville.

Oroville Mercury Register
December 13, 2002
By Stu Shaner
Looking Back On Oroville’s Heroes
December 13, 2002
These stories are about the men and women who went to war so that we might be free. This column is dedicated to all our veterans. I have more to the story about Jacqueline Awanda Andes and her husband Carrol Paul Andes. Who recently were killed in a car accident on Highway 99. Oroville Mercury-Register November 23, 2002. I just had the pleasure of meeting this nice lady several years ago at the Memorial in the Gridley Cemetery for her brother Seaman 2nd Class Warren H. McCutcheon. "First to Fall" WWII. She was very proud of her brother. It is so sad that she is gone. I urge all my readers to visit this beautiful memorial, -built by Gridley and Biggs VFW posts and public contributions. Young Warren was killed December 7, 1941 while serving on the USS Maryland. He was killed by strafing Japanese "Kate" torpedo bombers as he rushed to his battle station a 50 Cal. machine gun mount. The planes had just dropped torpedoes that hit the USS Oklahoma that was berthed next to the Maryland when Warren was hit, about 0755 Sunday morning. He is buried beneath a huge Cedar of Lebanon tree in the front section of the Gridley-Biggs Cemetery, marked by a standard G. 1. Head stone. Young Warren was 17 years old that fateful day. He was a towheaded boy nicknamed 'Cotton" by his family and friends. He was born March 5, 1924 at Mayer, Arizona, to, William Herbert "Hub" McCutcheon and Ada Alice McCutcheon.

Stu’s Notes: Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Chapter #25. The National Pearl Harbor Remembrance 69
th Anniversary will be observed by the Feather River Chapter No. 25 of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association on Tuesday, Dec 7, at 9:55 a.m. at Butte County Fairgrounds, 199 E. Hazel St., Gridley. Ceremony is open to public. Held at Memorial Flag Pole, enter at the south gate of the fairgrounds. Near where the funnel cake stand was at the fair. Gates open 8 a.m.-noon.

The Christensen Brothers, such brave men enlisting at a time we were losing the Korea War. Yes we will come back thanks to young men like those Thermalito brothers. I knew their younger brother Jerry. I was 10 in 1951 and I remember going with my brother, Larry to the Christensen’s home to visit Jerry, who was bedridden for over a year with an illness that required bed rest. My brother always took him his homework. I’ve been told, at ten I missed that part, I do remember thinking how sad that Jerry couldn’t get up. Another good friend of Jerry’s is Oroville Veterans Memorial Park Committee member Jack Brereton.

How about those brave Prosise brothers, all I can say is be proud of those brave men of long ago, and Support our Memorial for them. It is the least we can do.