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December 17, 2010

Oroville Mercury Register
December 18, 1946

Pvt. Weaver Here
May Go To Orient

Pvt. Bob Weaver, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Weaver, is visiting his parents on delayed orders preparatory to reporting to Camp Stoneman, near Pittsburg, for possible overseas assignment. Weaver entered the service last September after attending University of California for two semesters. He was majoring in forestry. He recently finished basic training at Fort Lewis, Wash. He expects to be sent to Korea or to Japan for occupation duty. Weaver played four years on the Oroville high school varsity football team, was on the track team and participated in intramural boxing competition at the high school. He also was a member of University of California boxing team in the heavy weight division. He will report to Camp Stoneman Dec. 26. He expects to be in Oroville until that date.

Oroville Mercury Register
December 18, 1946
U.S. Won’t Meddle In Chinese Internal Affairs, Truman Asserts However, Attempts Will Be Continued To Work Out Peaceful Settlement Of Strife
Washington – UP- President Truman today promised that this country would not interfere in internal Chinese affairs, but would “persevere” in an effort to help the Chinese people toward internal peace and economic recovery. Mr. Truman expressed “deep regret” that China has not yet achieved unity “by peaceful methods.” But he said, “we are ready to help China as she move’s toward peace and genuine Democratic government.” Mr. Truman, obviously mindful of some criticism on Capital Hill because American forces are still in China, said in a 3000 word statement that while a year ago we had some 113,000 soldiers, sailors and marines in China, today “this number is being reduced to less than 12,000.” “We believed then and do now that a united and democratic China is of the utmost importance to world peace, that a broadening of the base of the national government to make it representative of the Chinese people will further China’s progress toward this goal,” he said. The President said this government still believed that China has a clear responsibility to the other United Nations to eliminate armed conflict within its territory as constituting a threat to world stability and peace.”

Oroville Mercury Register
December 21, 1946

Housing Projects for Veterans Are Ordered Stopped
Funds of Housing Authority Are Exhausted; State Aid Suggested
Eleven of the 28 units in Oroville were to have been ready for occupancy by Jan. 1. Sackett E Booth, Oroville member of the Butte housing authority, said that he believed the 11 units would still be ready by then. “They are almost ready now,” Booth said, “and I believe that by Dec. 27 they can be finished….Langdon W. Post, regional director of Federal Public Housing Authority expressed “deep” disappointment in being unable to complete the program for homeless veterans but “we’ve exhausted our funds and we have no alternative but to halt work. Supervisor Scott Lawton said today that the only source of money available for continued construction of the projects was from the state. He said that the special session of the legislature might consider the matter when it meets in January.

Oroville Mercury Register
December 23, 1946
Work Stops On Vet Housing; Order Is Blow To Applicants
(Picture Caption) George Walby of Oroville, carpenter on the veterans housing project at Broderick street, is shown boarding up the windows on one of the eleven units almost ready for occupancy. Work stopped today on the 29 units comprising the project here following an order from the FPHA, which stated that the appropriation for the project had been spent, E A. Leonard, carpenter foreman, is seen on the right directing the work. On his right is a sign that reads “Construction Authorized”

Stu’s Notes: At the recent Butte County Supervisors meeting Oroville Veterans Committee Members, Wayne Brock, Manual Johnson and I presented a card of thanks to Jane Dolan, retiring
District 2 Supervisor, after 32 years of Service. She voted yes every time the Oroville Veterans Memorial Park came up on the agenda. The County took our Project and now soon, I can say it will be built.

Perhaps we should have helped the Nationalist Chinese prevail in China and kept it a democratic government.
As we know the Nationalists fled to Formosa the Communist took over China and millions died there and in future wars, Korea and Vietnam. Now China maybe could foreclose on America, we owe them so much.

I will have to find my 1947 papers and see what happened to those Veterans boarded up houses down town. Homeless Veterans is obviously not a new thing they just didn’t make the news back then.