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November 19, 2010

Oroville Mercury Register
Sept 25 1943
“Some gave All”
In the Fight
Pfc. Clifford A. Rhine “Tells It to The Marines”
An expert today at establishing and maintaining efficient communications under battlefield conditions is Pfc. Clifford Arlin Rhine, 18 year old Oroville Marine. He has completed a 12-week course of training in radio operators’ school at the San Diego Marine Corps base, and is now ready to join the signal unit of a combat organization. Rhine, son of Clifford J. Rhine, lived here on Fifth Avenue. He joined the Marines last April.

Lt. Jack Minasian Thrives On Rigorous Navy Training
Despite rigorous training, including drills, athletics and swimming, Lt. P. J. Minasian of the U. S. Navy, former Oroville attorney, who visited here last week, confessed a gain of ten pounds during his indoctrination at Quonset Point, Rhode Island. Minasian, now stationed at Terminal Island San Pedro, Naval Air Base practiced law in Oroville for two and a half years preceding his Navy entry, June 24, 1943. He was a member of the local Fellows and Rotary Clubs and the Masonic Lodge. Before coming to Oroville, Minasian practiced law for ten years in San Francisco. His wife and the couple’s son, Paul, are making their home at the bay city.

David Cox Soon To Get In Action
David Cox, 18, of Oroville, expects to see active duty in the navy soon, he said recently when he visited Oroville on a 3-day leave. He came home as a hitchhiker and bus passenger to see his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cox of Robinson street. Cox, a former Mercury carrier received a rating of hospital apprentice first class, but anticipated that he would be rated as pharmacist mate third class after going to sea. He said he made better time hitchhiking than riding the bus. Cox left Hueneme, Venture county, at noon and arrived in Oroville at 11 a.m. the next day. He hitchhiked from Ventura to Oakland, waited six hours in Oakland for a bus. And started hitchhiking again at Vallejo, where he would have had a two-hour delay for a bus connection. He was picked up four times. Cox enlisted March 1, 1943, receiving his high school diploma after going into the service.

Jack Frazier Finishes Merchant Marine Hitch
Jack Frazier, 20, nephew of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Lawrence is home after a seven-months’ trip around the globe, visiting at the Lawrence home, 575 High Street. Frazier, is a member of the U.S. Merchant Marine, was graduated from Oroville high school in 1941. He was on his first trip when the war broke out. His ship, the Larry Doheny, was torpedoed by the Japanese off the California coast. All members of the crew escaped. On his way to Oroville, Frazier stopped off at Santa Ana Air Base, where his sister, Beatrice Pertrini, is employed. Miss Petrini accompanied her brother here. After the visit, Frazier will go to San Francisco, where he will attend an officer’s training school.

Stu’s notes: Pfc. Clifford A Rhine, I have written before of him and I probably will again. A true hero of America who gave his life on a little bitty Island far out in the Pacific Ocean called Iwo Jima, the above Article about him was new to me just last week. Growing up in Oroville I often heard of the Minasian name. They were and still are I think the law firm that works for O.W.I.D. now South Feather. I do know Water Dist. Lawyers were very important in acquiring the water rights that are so vital to Oroville and the surrounding community. I have gone into more detail in my 2
nd and 4th Thursday history columns. David Cox maybe of Cox Glass, I don’t know. Maybe someone out there knows, he would be about 85 now as all WWII men and women are over 80 by now. Thank God for all of them who came forward when their country needed them most.

A very brave merchant marine Jack Frazier, after being torpedoed, was waiting to go back to sea as an officer. He could quit you know, merchant marines could, but most sailed on, more of them percentage wise died than any other service. Think about it, out to sea there was no area out of the fight torpedoes only need water to hit their mark, pretty scary.

We had a great Veterans Day parade, beautiful weather and a very large patriotic crowd of people in and watching the parade. Thanks to the hard work of the Rotary club led by Bob Hewitt and many others who put on this great event. Thank you all.