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October 1, 2010
The following is a story by committee member Sam Bebout:
“I was in Korea in 1953 in the back of a troop carrier going around the edge of Seoul, along the Hann River, I looked down and saw the women washing their clothes on the rocks below. I looked back over my shoulder at the town of Seoul and the biggest building I recall was a two story building. We went on around, crossed the Hann River, there was a bridge down in the water. I don’t recall what kind of a bridge. We crossed on the 38th Parallel, passed a one five five long tom gun in placement. The guys came running out of their bunkers yelling a fire order, we went on up the mountain and we could hear the rounds whistling over our heads. We knew we were going the right way. That was some fifty seven years ago, that was thirty years ago, that was ten years ago, yesterday and probably today the rounds are still whistling over our guys heads. And this is why we observe Veterans Day, Memorial Day, POW/MIA Day and why we are building a Veterans Memorial Park for All of Butte County, so that we will remember to remember.
Signed, Sam Bebout

Oroville Mercury
December 26, 1950
Funeral Rites Held For General Walker
Tokyo-(U.P.)- The body of U. S. 8th Army Commander Lt. Gen. Walton H. Walker will be sent to the United States late this week for burial, Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s headquarters said today. Walker was killed in a jeep accident north of Seoul, Korea, Saturday while en route to decorate British and American soldiers, including his Captain son. Funeral services were held yesterday. Only the General’s widow, his son and intimate friends attended. Brief religious and Masonic rites were held. Lt. Gen Matthew B. Ridgway, who succeeded Walker, arrived at 8th Army headquarters in Korea today.
(Stu- one of our committee members is named Walton Walker.)

Stu’s Notes: Last week was a most productive week for Our Veterans Memorial. I was told there was a Memorial Plague at Chico
State University and I had a rare free day to wander around over there. So I found a good parking spot not to far from the Bell tower. I wondered around the campus and asked many questions as to where I might find the plaque and most were answered “What Memorial?” Even a person that worked there 19 years did not know. Then a nice professor led me to a room with three young Veterans there but they were not sure where to find the memorial. A young lady directed me to a veteran’s service office and I met Dan, he knew exactly where it was. “Eureka” I found it at the base of a flag pole in front of the Administration office, not far from the Bell Tower. It was a fairly new bronze plaque with the words; WWII dedicated by California State University Chico In Memory of those faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni who unselfishly served and gave their lives in the defense of our country. The Plaque contained 44 names, 21 of those men killed in WWII we did not have on our Chico list. After almost 10 years of searching we are still finding cases like this. Dan told me what happened at Chico State is that sometime in the Anti War years of Vietnam the original monument to those that died was stolen, I think probably by radical students many who owe their lives to those brave young men of WWII who “Gave All.”

On Sunday I went to the Chico Air Show and met two of my Heroes, U2 Pilots, Jon “Huggy” Huggins and Andy “Spoo” Clark. When I told them after 14 years the Oroville Veteran’s Memorial Park would put Captain Randy Roby’s name in stone, they were so glad. For years I have been calling the Captain Rob-y but it should be pronounced "Row-bee". He also told me that his wife was pregnant when he died on the streets of Thermalito, so now that child would be 14 years old. Mrs. Roby, his widow, moved away after he died. I hope someday she and her daughter find out what we are doing in Oroville, and although it has been a long time coming we have not forgotten her hero father. Jessica my Granddaughter and I had placed a temporary Memorial in front of the CDF Flag Pole on Nelson Ave. I told the two pilots that I sometimes salute them when they fly over and that I wave and hoped they should wobble their wings. Well maybe, “Huggy” did say he could help us when we dedicated our Memorial. We may get a flyover, but we have to notify him well in advance. I think that would be the neatest thing ever if we could get a U2 Fly over. I think that what they do for our country is just so wonderful watching over us as we sleep. Like knights of old. So Oroville lets do it for Sam and Captain Roby and make a better effort to honor those men and women on their special days they deserve no less.