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May 15, 2009

Oroville Mercury December 4, 1951
News From Oroville Men In The Service
Bert Grant, yeoman seaman apprentice in Uncle Sam’s Navy, has been ordered to Kodiak, Alaska, for assignment. He is the son of Mrs. Clara Grant, Fourth Avenue and a 1949 graduate of Oroville Union High School. He received recruit training at San Diego Naval Training Station and attended yeoman’s school there. He visited Oroville on leave while en route from San Diego to Alaska.

Undergoing recruit training at the U. S. Naval Training Center, San Diego, are three men from the Oroville area. All airmen recruits, USN, they are Malcolm K. Gibson Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Gibson, of Palermo, Robert A. Parker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don C. Parker of Palermo, and Charles E. Rogers, son on Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Rogers of Route 1. Upon completion of their 11-week training period at the training center, graduates are assigned to duty stations with the fleet or at Navy shore stations, or are sent to service schools for advanced technical training.

Sgt. Raymond W. Fields, whose wife lives on Route 3, Oroville is serving as mess steward of Company E of the 1st Cavalry Division’s 7th Regiment in Korea. The Californian, who was a cook in civilian life, has been in Korea for the past six months. He served for the first two months as a rifleman but because of his prior experience, was transferred to the kitchen. Fields has been keeping the men of his company well fed and happy despite the fact that his kitchen is often under enemy artillery, mortar and small arms fire. “Good meals are a good morale booster,” Fields claims, “and these guys deserve nothing but the best.”

Ralph W. Vangundy, damage control man, second class, USN, of Bridge Street Oroville, is part of the regular Navy complement attached to the Officers’ “Combat Information Center” School, located at the U. S. Naval Air Station, Glenview, Ill. The mission of the school is the training of men to control aircraft through the use of radar. This entails the directing of the Navy’s latest gasoline and jet-propelled aircraft, which are operated around the clock in all types of weather. Radar is called upon to play an ever-increasing role in modern war fare as the range and speed of aircraft are increased.

Sgt. John E. Crook Jr., son of the Rev. Mr. John Crook and Mrs. Crook of Palermo is back from Korea and will be here Thursday for a 30 day leave, he informed his parents by phone this morning. Crook arrived in Camp Stoneman yesterday after serving as an infantry platoon sergeant and machine-gunner for 21 months in Korea.

Oroville Worker Killed On Guam
Floyd A. Byers, son of Mr. and Mrs. August J. Byers, proprietors of the Rock House on the Feather River highway, has been killed on Guam, according to word received here. Mr. Byers reportedly was killed Nov. 17 when he fell from scaffolding while working on a construction job for the Navy. He was a civilian employee of the Navy. The body will be shipped to Oroville for burial.

Stu’s Notes: Next event will be Memorial Day Ceremony at the Oroville Memorial Park Cemetery on Lincoln Street. Starting at 11AM on May 25, 2009. Followed by a ceremony on the Old Green Bridge at 1pm the Nelson Avenue (Thermalito School, my alma mater) Band with Director Bob Christenson as their leader. The Thermalito Band played at this event in the 1940’s and 50’s, let’s hope they play on our bridge long into the future. Last year there were 7 students and this year 10 or more will be there to play. They did a good job last year and I really look forward to hearing them this year. I also thank Greg Kemp, Thermalito School superintendent and the school board for allowing this to happen. After the Ceremony there will be a Barbeque lunch at the Veterans Memorial Hall on Montgomery St.. The cost will be $7 for Adults and $2 for children under 12., offered by the American Legion Post 95. Vene Thompson, Chairman of this event Call Joan Lee 589-1058 for more information. The Dance and Spaghetti Dinner went well. Jim Halsey and his Band did their usual command performance up on the stage. Thanks to all of you who came and enjoyed this event. I would like to thank Feather Falls Casino for the door prize, my ticket that Jack Brereton sold me won.