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March 27, 2009

Oroville Mercury Register, March 18, 1964
These articles concerning the activities of local men and women in the armed forces are sent to the Mercury by the public information organizations of the various services and service academies.

Lackland, Tex.-Airman William F. Snowden, son of Mr. and Mrs. Powell W. Snowden of Robinson St., Oroville, is being reassigned to Amarillo AFB, Tex., for technical training as an Air Force aircraft maintenance specialist. Snowden has completed his initial basic military training here. The airman is a graduate of Las Plumas High School.

USS Providence- Joseph O. Krusick, master chief electronics technician, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Krusick of Gridley, participating aboard the light cruiser USS Providence in a coordinated U. S. Nationalist Chinese amphibious exercise called “Operation Backpack” being conducted off the coast of Taiwan.

Twentynine Palms Marine Staff Sergeant Willard E. Stull, son of Mrs. Elnora Waterbury, of Evans Avenue, Gridley, is participating Feb. 29-March 9 in an extensive simulated desert warfare exercise called "Operation Winter Night” at the Marine Corps Base, Twentynine Palms, Calif. Emphasis was placed on counter-guerrilla operations, helicopter team troop movements, and day and night air support.

USS Midway- John M. Herina, Navy seaman apprentice., son of Mr. and Mrs. John Herina of Oak Park Way, Oroville, visited Yokosuka , Japan, Feb. 27 aboard the attack carrier USS Midway operating with the Seventh Fleet in the Far East. The Seventh Fleet is the world’s largest operating naval force and patrols over one half of the earth’s surface.

USS Mann- Marine Lance Corp. LeRoy Wright Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Wright of Sixth St., and Pvt. Michael L. Tadlock, son of Mrs. Nellie Tadlock or Washington Ave., all of Oroville departed San Diego March 5 aboard the attack transport USS Mann for duty with the Third Marine Division on Okinawa. The division is the sea assault force of the Seventh Fleet in the Far East.

The Continuation of Jack Sapp’s story as told to Stu.
We left off with Jack being offered a deal he couldn’t refuse, a year all expenses paid stay in Germany. Well Jack had been overseas long enough and the Feather River Canyon was calling him home. Jack’s words “I was in six major battles, I wanted fresh eggs. I came home on a crowded liberty ship, through rough seas from a port called Lucky Strike in France. We left France and passed to the south of England. Then a 17 day trip across the Atlantic, very stormy seas. A 40 foot long weld opened up in the hull. The pumps were running night and day. We sailed into the Boston Harbor as the band played. The pier was full of waving people. Then 3 weeks at Fort Mead, Maryland. Then a one stop trip in a C47 (Army name) DC3 (Civilian name) to California. We stopped at Rock Springs, Wyoming. There was a foot of snow on the runway and a temp of 40 below. No heat on the plane and all we had for seats were canvas benches. We landed at Camp Beale. The 13th Tank Battalion was there. Lots of paper work; I was discharged November 19, 1945. I bought my own ticket to Oroville on the Greyhound. Dad and Mom picked me up, Mom cried. Then up the Feather River Canyon to Cresta. My dad was still a section foreman there for the Western Pacific Rail Road. I went to work as an apprentice. To be continued.

Stu’s Notes: Camp Beale, an Army Tank Base was closed down, I think in 1947, Veterans Memorial Committee member Bob Simpson was there helping close it. Soon after, it opened as an Air force Base.

In 1964 Vietnam is about to become a War. Some of the above Oroville and Gridley men might have been there. John M. Herina is the son of Oroville Veteran Memorial committee member, John Herina, who was active on our committee for a number of years before he passed away in June of 2004. I’ve been told John M. Herina is active in Vietnam Support work. His dad also taught at Oroville High School for a long time, after a long career in our Armed Forces.