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February 20, 2009

Oroville Mercury Register (OMR)
January 15, 1964
News Of Butte County Servicemen
These articles concerning the activities of local men and women in the armed forces are sent to the Mercury by the public information organizations of the various services and service academies.

Leroy Wyman, Navy radioman class A, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace I Wyman of Farley St., will be stationed in Guam for one and a half years. He was graduated Dec. 20 from radio school in the U. S. Naval Training Center in San Diego. Wyman, a 1961 graduate of Oroville High School, has been in the Navy 10 months

Lackland Air Force Base, Tex.-Airman Paul F. Pendergraft, son of Mr. and Mrs. Drion F. Pendergraft of Rt. 1, Gridley, is being reassigned to Sheppard AFB, Tex., for technical training as Air Force aircraft maintenance specialist Airman Pendergraft, who enlisted in the Air Force a short time ago, has completed his initial basic military training here.

OSAN – Maj. Chester C. Henning, base equipment management officer, 6314th Support Wg., of Oroville, recently assumed command of the 6314th Supply Squadron. He succeeds Maj. William H. Boulineau, who is now supply chief for the 314th Air Division directorate of materiel. Major Henning, 49, is a veteran of 23 years military service and has served in Spain, the Azores and during World War II in the Australia, Philippines, New Guinea area. A graduate of Devilbiss High School, Toledo, Ohio, the major now considers Oroville his home.

Jack Sapp Head’s for Rome
By Jack Sapp as told to me (Stu)
Headed for Rome and points to the North all expenses paid. Next stop on the bus trip from Oroville, Sacramento, for a hair cut and 4 shots. Lunch on the bus to the presidio at Monterey, arrived at midnight. 4a.m. wake up to the bugle call, shower and KP. worked until 4pm. Then picking up cigarette butts in the mornings, then marching more marching sometimes to a band and more KP they kept the men wore out and instilled in them how to take orders. Looking back Jack thinks all young men should go through this. Next on a troop train to Fort Knox Kentucky. (Our Debbie just spent 4 months at Ft. Knox.) Jack say’s that trip was hot and dirty as they had to keep the windows open and smoke from the steam train came right in. They did have a stop in St. Louis long enough to see the St. Louis Zoo. He saw rattlesnakes over 6 feet long, really impressed him as those up our Feather river Canyon were mostly 2 to 3 feet. At Ft. Knox Jack learned to drive both light and heavy Sherman tanks, about 22 tons and 40 tons each. So far on this hot trip they were wearing winter wool uniforms, finally got summer clothes. 3 months training at Ft. Knox. Then he got a 1 month long pass and a train trip to Reno where Jacks mom and dad took him home. Then, back on the train for Ft. Meade, Maryland, leaving my folks at the train station with my Mother in tears, arrived at midnight for two weeks there. Then back on train for New Port News Virginia, got off train and go up the gang plank of the Empress of Scotland. 7000 troops on ship, 8 stories high, took turns sleeping on deck. Below, there were men sleeping on hammocks 6 men high. They sig-sag across the Atlantic escorted by two destroyers. They had a cold Thanksgiving Dinner out of their mess kits. Many soldiers were sick. They had no Idea where they were going.
(To be continued).

Stu’s Notes: Wow Jack got a lot of “nice” train trips. My good friend Nick Krpan traveled almost all the way around the Unite States before he got on a troop ship. But when you think of the magnitude of WWII and not knowing when or where the troops were needed at any given time, I guess it all worked out. Nick went to boot camp 3 times in 3 different places before he made it to the War. I have very few papers from 1964 or later but did find the above stories. Happy Birthday today to our granddaughter Jessica Jean Rose Shaner, 7 years old today, born on our 30th anniversary! The Oroville Veterans Memorial Committee will be holding a Rummage Sale on February 21st from 9am to 2pm at the Veterans Memorial Hall 2374 Montgomery Street. Donations of usable items will be appreciated and accepted, February 20th in the afternoon at the Hall. Call Sam 589-4924 or Sherry 532-7948, proceeds are going for the Veterans Memorial Park.